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First muskie of 03!

Discussion in 'Cold Water Species Fishing' started by BuckeyeTom, Jan 10, 2003.

  1. Caught it yesterday. Was hoping for bigger, but it'll do.

  2. Good deal Tom!!!!! Heres hoping that you catch a 50 this year!

  3. Dang Tom

    Awsome catch.....great way to start the new year, congrats!
  4. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod

    Cool! I've fished for them 4 or 5 times but I've yet to even get a wiff of one.
    Gotta love it CONGRATS !
  6. healthy lookin fish. good way to start the season. i havent even been out yet. im gettin ready though
  7. 2003 ...

    is off to a good start ~ Way to Go Tom!!! :)
  8. Nice fish Tom! I'm hoping to catch my first this year!
  9. Hey Tom,
    How about a little story: tackle, bait, water/air temp... lets us know if you were keeping a log what you'd place in there about fishing that day=teach us something LOL
  10. Thanks for the nice comments!

    Hope all of you have a great fishing year also! I am thrilled to start the year this early. Last year I think my first came in Feb., but my brother and I had a two fish day in late Dec.(29th). The weather this time of the year makes it tough on the angler more than the fish! I've been screaming since 99' that muskie will bite year round.

    I do keep a log(calender). I just right in details on the date. Here ya go atrkyhntr: I caught this fish casting a southeastern Ohio stream. Water was high and running, but not stained(good visability). The reason I decided to go was 50 degree air temps. I had also heard about the deep freeze coming, so I knew the muskie fishing would be shut down for a while, because of the upcoming ice. The water temp. was high 30's. Just a guess, but wading it with good thick waders and still feeling the chill. I know it was COLD,lol. The bait was a rapala magnum(blue mackeral). Hit on a cast directly across from me(tree/root system), on the first crank. I set the hook and did'nt feel a solid set(fish was swimming at me). I reeled the slack as quick as possible and set again. Got really lucky on this fish. Barely had it hooked. My equipment is simple as needs be. Abu Garcia 6000 on a Pete Maina(BPS) 7' muskie rod spooled with 20 lbs. test stren inshore.

    Hope this helps! It's hard to explain muskie. Key's to muskie fishing---
    Patience/It's a different sport, because you may go out several times and put in hundreds of casts(or trolling hours) before you ever catch/see one.

    Confidence/ Knowing the water you are fishing is very important. Knowing the importance of hook setting and landing is also KEY!

    Equipment/ You don't need anything fancy, but you do need good line, a reel with a smooth drag, and a rod that's sturdy enough to hold one. Lures, there is a bunch of em out there. They all work in the right instance. I use crankbaits, spinners and topwaters in that order. Of course you have to know time of the year for each.

    P.S. I'd love to help everyone reading this catch a muskie! Regardless where you live in Ohio I'm positive there is a lake, river, or stream that has a muskie in it nearby. I'd be more than glad to answer any questions! Except, where my hot spots are! :D Good fishing guys!!!!
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  11. Hey......

    I bet that spot is 30-40 miles from the spot we fished ! *LOL*;)
  12. How'd ya ever guess, JIM?

    Sad part is everything is ice now!:(
  13. Nice fish ya caught there. Wish I was getting fish that size, all I am catching is dink's besides a 10 inch rocky.
  14. Stelmon--

    Thanks man! Lucked into that one before all this ice. I'll try to get right back on em as soon as the ice is off.

    I checked out your website! Nice!!;) Looks like you guys catch some nice fish up that way.
  15. Great fish no matter what the size!:)
  16. Dan's right a muskie is a muskie....

    They are hard to catch and I'd be glad to reel in any that'll bite!

    Checked your site out also Dan! Another good one!! I'll save it to my favorites, just in case I get that elusive 50"er this season. I'd go with the replica. Couple good pics, girth measurement, and length measurement is all you need to do that correct? Of course we get the "Ohio Sportsman Special";), don't we?

    I have a 47" mounted. Very happy with the mount, but the paint job coulda been better. How much for a re-paint??????
  17. Tom, with this cold weather I bet it will be spring before you can find open water agin?:(
  18. Hey Tom,

    Send me a PM with the details of your fish, such as condition, replica or skin mount, and I can give you a better idea of a price. A picture would be nice as well.
  19. Jack and Dan!

    Jack, you are right man! Spring thaw, I'm ready-lol. Oh well, maybe all the cold and ice will make for a great fishing season in 03! How's work? Osco has us working Saturdays and 9hr. shifts. Saving some money for the bass pro trip!

    Dan, Sorry I have'nt pm'd ya yet, but I have'nt been on in a while. Getting ready to go ice fish a farm pond now. I'll send ya a pic tomorrow with details.
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