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First evening attempt

Discussion in 'Ohio Turkey Hunting' started by walleyewrangler13, May 16, 2017.

  1. Setup in the bottom corner of a cut corn field about 5 pm this evening. I know these birds roost on top of this hollow roughly 200 yards below the field I'm set up in. Placed my hen decoy 25 yards out at the highest point in this field (first time ever trying the decoy so I was just doing it for the heck of it). Being as hot as it was I figured my odds were low. Well I get seated 5:40 5 hens entered the field below the decoy. They started clucking when they spotted it but weren't sure about the whole scenario and wondered back over the hill. At that point being no Jakes or toms near by figured that's all I would get into. But I stuck it out anyways clucking periodically. 6:30 spotted a red head coming over the crest of the field 40 yards in front of me, then a fan behind it! Quickly learned it was two Turkey's a big tom and a jake with about an 8" beard. The Jake wondered over the hill the Tom strutted right to the backside of the decoy. Never gobbled just showed off his fan but unfortunately never rounded the decoy, so I never took the shot due to my decoy only being a day old lol. Tomorrow's a new day though. It was a cool experience. Did get this video before he came all the way in
  2. How far away is your decoy? I like to keep mine within 20 yards or less. Forces an easier shot if they approach. Also, I hear fix-a flat works on the Avian-Xs... :D

    Glad you stuck it out and had some fun!

  3. Congrats on set up and calling him in
  5. It was about 25-30 yards. I wanted it closer but I decided I had a better chance of some action if I had it at the top of the rise. (The field goes about another 60 yards over the hill). If i had it any closer I feel like they would have never seen it being they came from the opposite low side. Now that I know he's working the other side, next set up will be on that side of the field. Ya live and ya learn lol
  6. Was out this morning at a different spot I have several gobblers. Couldn't get a gobble before light with the hooter, which is odd. First time I haven't got them to thunder at this spot. Set up the decoy in a hay field at first light, clucks and cuts here and there never heard a single gobble. Eventually heard some clucks behind me, then twigs popping several minutes later. 3 Jakes worked in 10 yards from the decoy and clucked away for a few minutes. Then wandered off. Sat for 2 more hours seen 6 hens couple hundred yards away. Never a gobble. Still new to this whole turkey game, but up until the last two days these birds have been gobbling like crazy for me and responding to the calls. It's been real hot the last two days, staying warm at night, could this be the problem?
  7. I have always preferred cooler mornings (low 50s) breaking into warmer afternoons (high 70s), but I feel temperature is a minor factor most of the time. Wind and rain are far more important as to how I hunt. More important than any of this is what attitude the birds are in. I have seen trends and general rules, but here's the thing about turkeys:

    They defy logic most of the time.

    They don't read turkey books or watch turkey hunting videos. They don't even care about our feels. They are wild animals and they will do what they want to do. The only sure thing is that you have to be near them to kill them.

    Experience tells me that they are likely just going through a normal hot and cold cycle. They will be on 2-3 days, then off for 3-4 days. The length and timing of the cycle vary significantly from flock to flock and bird to bird. There is no clear rhyme or reason to it, but the attentiveness of their harem likely will impact it. I think mostly its which side of the limb they wake up on. Just like people, some days they are in hot moods, other days they just want to stuff their faces and not get eaten. Part of the fun is dealing with the hand your dealt. At least you know where they are spending their time!
  8. Thanks for the info. Like I said I'm just learning. I just thought it was odd I had 4 gobblers surrounding my calling two days ago, and can't get a peep outta one today.. everyday is different. I'll keep at it
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