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First Buck Down

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Cassley, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. My youngest son is 9 and got it done this morning. On the 9th he shot really good buck but rushed his shot and hit way back and low. Pretty sure a muscle hit. We tracked him next day and jumped him still alive and looking good.

    Fast forward to this morning. He's not much of morning hunter because it's cold lol. He likes them warm days. So we are getting ready and he says I don't want to wound another deer. Said it happens to best of us and just do better next time. We get set up and right at day break comes three bucks. One came to 5 yards but stupid limb was blocking his shot. We have this face off for eternity feels like but he backs out. We watch him walk away and sit for two more hours waiting. I can tell he's getting cold and said let me rattle and see what happens. In the middle of me rattling young 7 comes busting in. Come right into his lane at 12 yards and he takes his time this to around. Just smoked him and buck went down maybe 25 yards from shot. He killed his first deer ever from this stand and now his first buck. Come to think of it both boys got there first buck in these woods.

    So he got his first buck with his crossbow with one heck of a shot. Little redemption from Thursday night. The excitement in that tree this morning is priceless. He had the shakes for 20 minutes I bet. I will never forget that moment and neither will he.
    ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1510521906.224402.jpg ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1510521926.174532.jpg ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1510521941.757634.jpg
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  2. Very nice! Tell him congratulations from us!
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  3. Bryan six

    Bryan six Staff Member Mod

    That will be a good one to enter for the Grand prize youth hunt as well!! Your in the contest right??? Tell him good job!!
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  4. Way to go! Nothing better than being part of your son or daughters first deer. May there be many more for both of you!
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  5. Awesome story love seeing the young ones in the great outdoors. Nice job buddy
  6. Congratulations to the youngin! Gotta love a good stare down that in the moment feels like an eternity and getcha shaking!
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  7. Congrats! Great job!!!
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  8. Perfect-oh!!! Congrats to the young man!
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  9. Congrats. Love seeing kids into the great outdoors.
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  10. Yes sir, I will do that. Thank you
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  11. Way to go!!!! Hats off to the young man!
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  12. Bryan six

    Bryan six Staff Member Mod

    Yea and me also!! That hunt will never be buried in that boys mind!! It will always be there!!
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  13. Nice job!!! Congrats to both of you!!!
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  14. Love the smile and his big eyes in the first picture. You can almost feel his excitement! Great job. Congrats to you and your son
  15. He shook for 20 minutes after the shot and once he seen him crash he was ecstatic. It was pretty cool.
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  16. Maggie

    Maggie Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Congratulations to all!