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Finding any sheds yet?

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by mikenbow, Dec 23, 2002.

  1. Anyone have any luck shed huntin yet? May be a bit early but was curious. If found, from what co?
  2. Where are some good locations to be looking for sheds? I've always wanted to try that, but never really knew where to start.

  3. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod


    Early???? You bet......

    I saw 3 bucks in Eastlake March 16th this year that still had their antlers!
  4. Still might be alittle early,start looking in about a month,Look around fence area where they have jumped over the jar from landing will somtime nock them off,Look around thick cover in know bedding area.good luck and have at it ,also good time for pre scouting for next year
  5. sheds

    It is early to start looking for sheds now. I would start in March after the snowmelt.Look around good winter feed areas such as alfalfa feilds,cut corn feilds,etc.
    I found a shed in Nov. this year while bowhunting,it was obviuosly from last winter. For some reason, the mice never found it. It was almost buried under alfalfa. The only way I found it is I stepped on it.
    You can find them anywhere, not just feilds.
  6. I usually start middle of feb. Gets me out of the house. I look for areas where they jump fences or streams.
  7. Its not that early. I found plenty the first week of January last year. The big boys seem to shed first. You cant beat scouring bedding areas. Definatly my favorite area to hunt.
  8. I'm with basementdweller I start looking in Feb. Haven't found any going much earlier then that.
  9. it's a little early,but there may be a few bucks losing them now.i don't get out anymore,but in the past i've seen a few fresh sheds during muzzleloading season and also deer that were shot that had dropped within 24 hours prior to being killed.
  10. Probably still a little early for finding sheds, maybe in about a month and a half. Someone said they saw them in March with full antlers .... so did I ! Wierd animals to say the least.

  11. rjolenic I have seen them with full antlers in march too. Very strange.
  12. I've still seen the deer with antlers. I won't start looking until the season is over. I found 2 last year.
  13. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod

    I'll be darn!

    My brother-in-law shot a buck yesterday that had lost one and the other which had broken off earlier(barely more than button buck size) fell of when I touched it. I don't know if this had anything to do with it but whis deer was VERY skinny like he had been chasing does really hard. We skinned him out and even the backstraps were small.
  14. My neighbor shot one today with only one antler, it was about an 8 and one antler had fallen off already.
  15. I have heard of three bucks killed in blackpowder season that have lost their horns. I hunted three of the days and I didn't find any sheds. I did find a pretty nice 9 pointer that was probably shot during gun season.

  16. Walking around in the woods looking for antlers when people have guns is not for me. I wait until february and then start looking. Also, I'd rather shoot one.
  17. Spent an hour with the dog this afternoon huntn. No luck. Good to be out though.
  18. I just came back from shed hunting for a few hours with no luck. I was looking in a new place, and boy did I see some sign. I saw the biggest rub of my life. It was huge! It wasn't torn to shreds, but it was pretty nice. About 10" diameter. Huge. I want to see the deer doing that damage. I'll be out again, hopefully with some luck.