Finally Got Er Done

Discussion in 'Ohio Turkey Hunting' started by ObsessedJim, May 14, 2018.

  1. Got him today at 8 am. My 2nd turkey and 1st Tom in 2.5 years of turkey hunting. He weighed 22 pounds and had 10 inch beard. Haven't measured spurs yet but I will later today.

    Wooohoo, I am so stoked!!

  2. Congrats Jim!!! We've had an awesome year too!!!
  3. Thanks Bill, glad you guys are doing well. I still have yet to get me a coyote.

    This one finally came in 15 minutes before I had to leave to take my son to work. Whew. lol
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  4. Thank you. I am blessed to have a great place to hunt even though the spot I got him is only 25 acres. Its very close to a huge metro park
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  5. 1F932020-AC6D-4085-82A0-737BF1F66537.jpeg Congrats! X2 on them nice hooks!
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  6. Congratulations buddy.. That’s a dandy..
  7. Congrats brother on a great Tom ...
  8. Schu72

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    Super nice bird! Congrats.
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    Boss Tom!! Congrats Jim!!
  10. Thank you all very much! Those who said put your decoy only about 10 yards from you were right, as he hung up about 15 yards from my decoy. Had my decoy been farther away it would have been a much tougher shot.
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  11. Awsome man, congrats!!!!!!!!
  12. Congratulations ! Great bird ! His beard and weight are the same as mine, and he looks like he has a big fat jelly head like mine, but I am sure your bird has longer spurs, mine were only 1&1/8th inches long. Congratulations again, that's a big bird, you will kill more smaller than that then you will bigger than that one.
  13. Great bird, congratulations and thanks for sharing with us!
  14. Congratulations!!!! That is an AWESOME turkey!!!