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Ok here is the story ! The morning started out with me scratching my head. Sun coming up and no gobbles until about 7:45 then it was on. I was standing at an intersection of 3 logging roads trying to figure out where a Tom was gobbling from when i catch him crossing the main toad about 70 yds down in strut. I took cover and made a few soft calls. He answered immediately. Next thing i know he is standing 10 yds to my right wrong side of the gun with sapplings in the way.He gets antsy and walks off behind me. He gets to the top of the next ridge and begins to gobble again. I pursue. He gobbles a few more rimes and goes quiet. Aprox. 9 am by now and not hearing any more gobbling i decide to go over and setup in some pines that are close by. I get decoys setup and start getting calls laid out when i hear rustling of leaves look over and 3 jakes are going to walk within 20 yds. They didnt like the Jake decoy and turn and walk out of pines down logging road. I wont shoot Jakes anyway. I start calling and calling until around 10:30 when i hear a gobble coming from a small field just up the logging road. I listen for a bit and realize if i dont go he is just going to stay there and gobble all day. I gather my stuff work my way to a strip if cover on the edge of the field. I got down and crawled thru the cover to the field edge and there was 2 longbeards and 3 jakes. Well i try to get situated to call and possible shot but i think the Jakes caught me moving in the cover. They start to leave the field so i called real quick and the race was on between the 2 Toms. 1 was strutting and the other walking at a quick pace. They walked right into the shooting lane and I let the 835 roar! ! I jumped up to get to the downed bird and realized the whole small field was full of birds. I am going to take my Uncle back with me Friday morning. I hope we get a break in the weather.!! Good luck everyone! !!
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