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Filming hunt

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by blainesdaddy08, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. If I take my girlfriend along with me hunting to film would she have to buy any type of license as long as she isn't actually hunting just filming

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  2. She wont need a license provided she never touches a weapon.

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  4. Alright guys that's what I was hoping to hear, I hope I can get a bruiser on film going down this year

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  5. I have to disagree talked with a warden a few years back and if one is hunting and shes with him she needs a hunting license because she is helping him purse that game. Just what I was told I would call the dnr for clarification

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  6. As long as she doesn't have a wespon your good, we have guys that help with deer drives that don't have license they just like hanging out with us.

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  7. It may be o.k. if she is just sitting in the blind with you, but on deer drives, EVERYONE must have a license(and orange)...once saw a game warden politely tell a lady her 12year old son must go sit in the car(they were posting) Driving deer is pursuing game, or the ACT of hunting?? When we watch those T.V. hunting shows the cameraman in Iowa or where-ever surely doesn't always have a license. . .:coco:
  8. I remember now she had a single-shot hammer gun, 'bout 20 years ago now; remember asking why the kid was walking towards the road, we all didn't get our license's checked like now-a-days tho.....
  9. Idk we get checked a few times each year in gun season, warden hasn't said much except wear orange

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  10. I emailed DNR last spring to see if a buddy could tag along on a turkey hunt to see what it was all about and seeing if he would be interested in getting involved in hunting. They responded and said it was totally fine if he did not have a license. So, I don't see how carrying a camera would be any different.
  11. Its not illegal for someone to sit with you while they film your hunt. Outdoor photagraphers dont need hunting licenses. Does a guy filming you bass fishing need a fishing license? Nooo...... What about a guy filming a car race...drivers license? Noooo....

    It's 100% legal for a friend to take a walk in the woods while you are hunting too, even if there are people driving deer. After all, he is just out for a walk in the woods. If they have guns in their hands, they need a license. It is impossible to articulate that a person who is not wearing camo and has no weapon was beyond a reasonable doubt hunting, no matter how you twist the definition of hunting. Is he hunting? No, he is taking a walk...he has no means to harvest the deer himself, and he is not pursuing the deer with the intent to take it. He is simply out for a walk.

    You might look at this as being a smarta$$, but its not. It is taking the law for the exact definition and purpose and not allowing it to applied to more than what is right, or stretched. If you allow it to be incorrectly applied or stretched to fit their opinion on how it should be applied, then you are handing our rights and freedoms over for all of us. It is up to all of us to know how the law is to be correctly applied and not let them enforce it incorrectly on us.

    You might think that what I am saying is kind of extreme, but look at it this way. The loss of our freedoms and rights is not a quick death, just suddenly losing is the death of a thousand cuts. You give an inch, and before you know it, they have taken a foot. It starts with the small stuff.
  12. Well said,I agree.

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  13. Nicely put

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  14. You guys are using common sense and logic to answer the question.

    You need to remember we're dealing with a a state entity here so common sense and logic gets thrown out the window. I'd ask a warden to be sure if it were me.
  15. She is not aiding or assisting you io harvesting a deer. She is merely filming you. she is not engaging in the act hunting and has no device commomly used to kill deer. She does not need a license.
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  16. Nimrod

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    If she does anything that helps you kill a deer then YES.

    I was checked by a GW while I was calling turkeys for my friend. He made it clear that I was to be licensed (I was) even since I didn't have a bow or gun, because I was assisting to kill a bird.

    If she is just there with you, NO.

    ...just like fishing.
  17. No matter what is said here I bet some wardens would issue a ticket in this situation. You can line them up in different groups and ask the same question and get different answers from them. They look like referees discussing a flag.
  18. Haha. Right?

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  19. So I cant go to WNF in full orange during gun season without a license, just a camera and take pictures of deer? lol As long as she has no calls or weapon she is fine sitting in a blind with you.
  20. Yep. Like I said in my previous post, it would be impossible for them articulate that you were beyond a reasonable doubt hunting. The judge would be quick to dismiss that one.

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