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Field Dressing/Processor

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by befordree, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. Hey Guys.
    I know yall are just as excited as I am to get in the woods. I'm hoping for a great first year of hunting for me in Ohio.
    This is gonna sound random... But a lot of people that I hunted with in SC did not field dress as soon as the deer was recovered, so this whole field dressing thing is new to me. I have watched tons of videos on how to do it and I think I can manage. My question is though, if I take a deer in the evening, and I don't get to the processor on time, what should I do with the deer? Obviously I'm going to "attempt" to field dress the deer, but should I then just spray out the cavity with a hose and stuff it with ice until the next day or until I can get it to a processor. I live in an apartment so this just throws a wrench into a lot of ideas... I have a covered truck bed that I could leave it in overnight stuffed with ice, but thats all I can think of...
    Any suggestions?
  2. Sounds good to me. You'll be fine. It's not hard to field dress a deer and once you do a few it will be even easier. It will be fine in the truck over night as long as its under 50. Just get it to the processor first thing. I always hose mine out when I get it home and also cut out them inner loins for dinner. That's the best part of the whole deer and the easiest to get out.

  3. If you call some of the processors they will take the deer that night. Ive been using the same place for yrs. all I have to do is call and if there isn't anyone there I know the paper work and where to put the deer. A good thing is to get to know your processors and ask what he want you to do to help make it smooth as it can be.

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  4. Yes a couple bags of ice in the chest cavity will work great, I've had to do it several times since my processor is 40 min away and a lot get shot at dusk
  5. You should be fine with that method, To help heat to leave the body lay it on a wood pallet to let more air around the body and put a bag of ice between the hind quarters that is the thickest part.
  6. thanks guys! does anyone know of a good processor around columbus/delaware/alum creek?
  7. Sorry I cant help you with a processor, I've always processed my own. But if you need help field dressing or some info on delaware and alum creek I may be able to help you out there. I live close to the Delaware/Morrow county line and have spent quite a bit of time on those areas hunting and fishing. good luck this year.
  8. Why didn't they field dress it as soon as recovered?
    I know in fl, on public land, they have pits to dump the guts and it's the law.

    This just sounds silly to me dragging out all the extra weight, oh never mind, a big deer down there weighs as much as our gut piles (just messin). You'll probably want to dress em out.
    If you can't get it to the processor, try to get it hung or at least propped up in the back of your truck for drainage. Pack it with ice or quarter it and put it on ice in a cooler (after skinning). You'll find that processing your own really isn't difficult if you give it a go and youll save some money.

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  9. I agree... The deer are way smaller down in SC. And I'm not sure why they didn't dress them right there... Maybe just the group that I hunted with.
    I will eventually learn to do my own processing but the apartment thing is killing me right now.

    Thanks for all the tips though
  10. I always rinse with cool water as soon as possible after gutting it, usually within a 1/2 hour. If it's cool, say in the 40's or below you can get by over night without the ice. A stick to prop open the chest cavity helps cool things down quicker too.
  11. If you go on youtube you will be able to find some good field dressing videos so you have an idea where to get started when the moment comes. Good Luck and happy hunting.