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  1. My wife took this pick this morning. Little little. 2018051195064925.jpg
  2. Wow. Either born premature or that doe was bred around Oct 10th. I have seen does bred that early but it's rare

  3. 200 days plus two or 3 makes Oct 20th. That's the day it starts in my book. I believe in my area all mature does are done by first week of November. One of them has to be first.
  4. That pict shows the reason why my favorite week to hunt is the last week of October ...
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  5. Wobbly legs too....bet it’s not more than a day old. Nice pic!
  6. She must have had this thing in the side ditch next to the road. It was back out by the road just now unless it was a twin....momma's trying to get it back to the woods but having a hard time....
  7. Athens county booner, don’t let b6 see that thing.....

    Cool pic..
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    In all the years that I have tracked these, this one is the earliest. Saw this little guy last night and it could barely walk. Most likely born yesterday.

    Today it was up against the “safe zone” fence where 3 fences meet and form around this corner of a few neighbors yards. I find fawns in this area every year. The does have actually had some little ones inside the fenced yards of neighbors knowing full well the fawns are well protected.



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  9. Nice I always see a early bird before corn is up it seems. I enjoy the little buggers..