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Favorite Largemouth Bass Lures

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Ohio Bill, Jan 8, 2003.

  1. I mostly use a floating Rapella, or a rubber worm with no weight....on calm days the floating rapella works great...Just jerk it alittle on top of the water and real in slowly....or cast a rubber worm (purple) let it sink to bottom the real in slowly...the bass usually hit it when its sinking...:cool:
  2. Rubber worms, rooster tails, and heddon tiny torpedoes are my top three largemouth lures. If I'm specifically targeting largemouths (which is rare), I usually stick to rubber worms. Oh, forgot one -- black bucktail jigs with a 3 inch black grub. Probably caught more nice-sized bass on this than anything else.

  3. Slow rolling a spinnerbait over cover is one of my most productive methods ... Favorite is buzz bait
  4. I like Big-O's, anything topwater, and soft plastic minnows have worked well. In the river I stick to live bait
  5. Wee Crawls! Bass LOVE them, but anything will eat them.
  6. Topwater. . .

    Mine would be buzzbaits and pop r's. Just love it when they blast the surface.:D
  7. Amen to that reo! it's pretty much a big thrill!
  8. I dont Bass fish anymore, but back when I did surface lures was the only ones I would use..Floating Rappala being my favorite
  9. 1/4oz. manns titanium spinner bait. white with single gold willowleaf blade.
  10. Anyone try drop shotting yet? I'd rather go cattin'
  11. Plastic worm

    No weight on it, a Mister Twister hook, I haven't bought any in a long time. The hook had a spike on it that goes into the head of the worm, when you get bit, it rotates, holds the worms nice. Favorite worm- Berkley Power Bait in the blue speckled color. Motoroil too.
  12. Handmade Folk Art Bass Lures

    If I'm bass fishing with a "store-bought" lure, I have to agree with several others, floating Rapalas, either original Rapala or shallow shadrap.

    However, I usually fish with the lures I make. Here's one of my favorites for Canadian smallmouth bass:

  13. If I could only use one lure it would be the jig and pig. That is definitely a big bass lure.

    Also it depends on the lake you are fishing. I know of a nearby lake where the buzzbait is the king for the bigger bass under the right conditions. On other lakes, it seems (for me) that you catch only medium sized bass on the buzzbait.

    Water conditions, especially temperatures, dictate what works best...and my "favorite" bait is the one tha works the best under the given conditions.

    For Erie smallmouth it would have to be a leopard-frog colored tube jig, which are very difficult to locate by the way.

    A guy that is good with a jig and pork combo will catch a lot of nice bass day in and day out.
  14. spinnerbaits have to get my vote.they can be fished high,low,fast or slow.very versatile bait.
  16. Legendary Lures

    nice prop bait , looks good but you need to put decent hooks on it meaning Excaliburs or Gammy's or Triple grips. with that improvement I believe those lures would take off. not putting down your baits by no means but thats what I look for in a bait, a nice looking lure with the best hooks.. btw do you have a website to view your lures at..
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  17. I would have to go with just about any topwater bait( pop-r, buzz bait,Hula popper, jitter bug, Skitter bug) and can't beat a good spinnerbait.;)
  18. Hmm

    Favorite = Pop'r
    If I had to bass fish a new lake with no knowledge of the lake whatsoever, gotta reach for the 6" black worm.
  19. Favorite lures have been Zarra Spook, Spinner&Buzzbaits, 6-8" plastic worms and the ole jig&pig.......TF