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Favorite fishing magazine?

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by BottomBouncer, Jan 5, 2003.

  1. Which fishing magazine do you guys prefer for information and tips as well as the photography/illustrations?

    I don't know about you guys but I can't find a magazine that really tell me something I didn't already know or isn't obvious. Not that I know it all, but it seems that they all cover the same things every year. Some of the illustrations on rigging or techniques are kinda hard to follow.

    What do you guys think?
  2. I am with you BB, I think if you have a 1970 issue of field and stream, its about the same as a 2002 issue. I used to read magazines but I haven't bought one in years .... I look at it this way ... fish 1000 years ago. still ate other fish and insects .. fish today still eat other fish and insects ... fish don't evolve much in the short time we are on this planet. Do to technology we have learned alot about the life of fish .. where they go and what they do things like that ... but in reality every bait tries to imitate something the fish has been eating ever since they existed. Reels might cast a little farther, rods are a lot more sensitive ... but really how many less fish do you think you would catch if you could go back in time and use only the equipment your grandfather used ..:D :D :D :D We live in an age where people buy every piece of high tech equipment they can get their hands on ... not for the fishes sake but for the sake of the fisherman

    Just my 2 cents

  3. I enjoy InFisherman each month...helps me add to my "wish list" of places to fish and keeps me up to speed in talking with y'all multi-species I don't appear to be a blatantly dumb Polock. :)

    The two mags I enjoy getting the most each month are Total Carp and Advanced Carping out of the UK...helps me keep up to speed with the world carping scene as well as new equipment/bait releases.
  4. I would like to go back and fish 100 or even 25 years ago......I bet the rivers, creeks and streams were a zillion times cleaner and plenty of fish......the way it should be today!
  5. I used to enjoy the Ohio Fisherman magazine but I don't even know if they still make that one ... I guess they do make great wish books though:D :D It just seems like they are all preoccupied with bass fishing in fla. and TX. I guess if you can find one taylor made to the species you fish for you would love it ... Like a cattin magazine .... I once got some 3rd hand info on the Infisherman team .. that might or might not have been true but it turned me totally off to them
  6. I have a collection of thousands of old fishing magazines dating back to the 1940's and they are all the same..I get tired or reading the how-to articles...I would rather read about someones actual fishing adventures....Of them all I liked Ohio Fisherman the best..I still have practically every issue.
  7. BB, i believe the waterways are actually cleaner today than they were 25 years ago??? someone correct me if I am wrong?
  8. hear is an issue of Ohio fisherman-1985..they no longer publish this mag, look at the great and deverse articles on the cover[​IMG]
  9. Yeah, the $1.95 price is hard to come by too! I still miss the days when Tom Porch wrote for the dispatch, always looked forward to Fridays(fishing reports) and Sundays outdoor section.
  10. I used to subscribe to Bassin. That was a few years ago. It seemed to have more fishing info for bassers that fished from shore or float tube or info. that didn't pertain to boats. One month my subscription ended before I thought it should of and when I called them they had no record of me ever being on there mailing list. I thought it was funny cuz you would think they would keep my info around to bug me into resubscribing.

  11. I tried to subscribe to a magazine earlier this summer over the 'net. Time went by with no mag. so I called and they didn't even show me in the "system".......wonder where my credit card number went?
  12. Im with rrbski

    In-Fisherman is the best mag. out and has been for years..they dont catter to those LM guys or Eye guys..they talk NORTH AMERICAN fish..all of them!
    I have learned a lot from thier mags, books and video tapes and still to this day its the ONLY mag. that gets delivered to my house!
    I am a multi-species nut and enjoy thier mag a lot..could it be better..sure, but it could be much worse too.
    Who else has helped boost the cat & carp scene thats spreading the US now..IN-FISHERMAN!
    i have almost every issue they have put out from 1981-2003
    rrbski..i sure would LOVE to browse through your carp mag. colection someday..i always enjoyed the UK carp mags. and miss loking at them..lots of great stuff to learn in there(plus i miss the back covers of CARPWORLD;) , if you know what im saying?)
  13. I'm still a big In-fisherman fan. They seem to be on top of a lot of the new tactics and some of the off-the-wall stuff you wouldn't think of. Good all around multispecies mag with very well-written articles. Some of the info. is general in nature, but they have to cater to a wide variety of readers, both new anglers and experienced ones.

    By the way, Jack, you're right in saying that the waters are cleaner now than they were 25 years ago, and in many places the fishing is better now than it was then. Not everywhere, of course, but in general you have to go back a few more years for water cleaner than today. Our biggest problem today is sewage, which is bad, but before laws were put in place to protect water quality, you could find all kinds of nasty chemicals in many waterways.
  14. i'm with flathead maniac and rrbski-----in-fisherman has the best up to date info. for the multi-species angler out there--i'm dying to check out total carp! where can i pick up an issue? --HEY RRBSKI--who stole da kishka? you ain't the only polock out there chasin' phish :D
  15. ramlund man

    :D :D :D Makes for great eatin....and a great polka too. :D :D :D Glad to see moral support on site. ;) I don't speak it...but do know many of the foods...a few choice words...and many of the polkas. Many fond memories of reunions at my Grandparents and Great Aunts/Uncles....Flushing (born there), Holloway, Bannock... ;) :) Always hid as a youngun when the polkas started playin...uncles wouldn't dance so the aunts grabbed us. :(
  16. I like just about any magazine that covers all species. I don't care if it is halibut fishing, it's different and would be cool to know a little bit about it! Any of you guys ever fished for halibut? I'm gonna have to some day.
  17. Halibut...

    Great fish...great eating. Lived in Alaska for several years and we used to take our boat out from Homer a few times each's a pic of my son's first. We used 1 lb jigs tipped with herring mostly.

    and here's a pic of his biggest..Bobby's a bit over 6'...this fish went 182 lbs...stocked lots of freezers with this one.
  18. Man.....that is AWESOME......what are they like on the other end? Did you ever fish for those ling cod(i think that's what they are called?) Those things look mean!
  19. Very strong and powerful...add the very swift ocean tidal change current to it and they'd wear you out. Usually fishing in 200' of water...this particular fish we got to the surface 3 times....and went all the way back down...the 4th time we finally were able to get him.

    Then there could be a 2d big fight....if ya brought it in the boat before killing it. For the small ones...under 75 lbs we used a hand gaff...but still had to watch your wrist. For the bigger ones I used a "Hawaiian Sling"...hand held pushed it through the fish...spearhead wings opened up and ya had him...but, you better have a long rope attached to the spear too :D cause he'd be gone again. Then one of ya tailed them with a rope and the two of ya hoisted it into the boat. Most of the charters had pistols or rifles on board to kill them with prior to bringing them on board.

    On the ling cod...we would catch one periodically when trolling for salmon but not when fishing the bottom for halibut. Now the fresh water ling cod (burbot)...we fished for a lot...another great eating fish. Here's a pic of some of about 25 years ago.
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