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Favorite crappie jig?

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by LakeRaider, Dec 28, 2002.

  1. I like the Cottonmouth fuzzytail grub by Cottonmouth lures. Rigged with 1/32 oz jighead and tipped with a waxworm. The feather tail will quiver ever so slightly under a slip bobber. We use them at night on our lake under boat docks that have lites and the crappies swim in from the shadows and slam,em. LakeRaider:""
  2. I have been using Roadrunners and rubber tail jigs. But where do you get these Cottonmouth fuzzytail grubs?

  3. hey Todd

    Whats a Crapie..not sure ive seen one before?;)

    Hey how have ya been doing fishing wise this fall/winter?
  4. Fuzzytail grubs is their site. Last time I was at bass pro they now sell something identicle. Try them out, They work great when them ol'lamplighters don,t want their dinner moving. Also we use them on a Lindy Timberock weedless jig and throw it right in the brush pile without hanging up. LakeRaider:""
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  5. Thanks for the address!! I'm going to try them out.;)
  6. Hey Scott

    Down here on the Ohio river we have them brown Crapie LOL Aka Brown trout aka Wrinkleneck bass Raider""
  7. Cottonmouth Fuzzytails

    My uncle some how found out about these about 4 years ago and so he used em and he caught things like crazy on them... so then about 3 years ago he had me come along with him to a lake up here in Wisconsin and I couldn't believe how good they work. So I get them all the time now... I have tried pretty much all colors and the one that works the best I think is the pink head with the pink tail... secondary choice is orange head with yellow tail... If your looking for a bait that requires no worm or waxie and catches tons of crappies, bluegills, perch, and anything else hungry... then these baits work the best!... heck my family and myself have caught good size bass on these too.
  8. I like the little rubber minnow on a 1/16oz lead head :bouncy:
  9. A shiner on a lead head and WD-40.