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Favorite Camp Food!!

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What is your favorite camp food? How about snack food that you have to have sitting around the fire?

My favorite food would be my own special chili. followed closely by marinaded butterfly deerchops on the open fire.
My favorite snack isn't food but a nice cold beverage and a can of Skoal Fine Cut. Thats all I need for a fire side snack!
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I forgot to tell you how good that Marinated back strap was. Oh, my, gosh!!!!! Man was it good! Slow cooked those big chunks of meat on the top shelf of the grill on low heat for almost 3 hours. Holy crap were they good. You missed out CD!
Boy old Boy does that really sound good. Thanks spiter maybe next time i will catch you.
I can't even tell you how good it was. Lets just say it was better than all those butterfly chops we cooked on the fire at deer camp two years ago! It was that good!!!!!!
man that was a heckof a meal with all those butterfly chops that night .nothin better than cookin on an open fire
I'm not sure if anything can beat those butterfly chops
I think that night we would have eaten anything! We were all pretty tanked. You never know if we had been sober it might have tasted like crap. I doubt it, but you never know!
I finished the leftovers for lunch and it tasted better today. I think tomorrow I will slow cook a roast and shred it for barbecue.
I don't know how I got here on this thread, but for me when I go camping is quality hotdogs slow roasted over a open fire. I X cut 'em on each end then make light slits on the sides. I rotate 'em as each side starts to smoke over hot coals. After all sides are cooked I put 'em through some open flames lightly. I'll eat 'em right off the stick or sometimes dip 'em in hotdog relish. HEAVEN!
Then for desert, browned marshmallows. Never burnt!!!! :irked:
Wash this down w/ a craft brew while savoring a fine cigar lit from a stick in the fire.:coolgleamA:

Come on Spring! I'm hungrey!

Oh yea, Little Debbie Nutty Bars rock!!!!!!!
Baked bean deer chili.
Each person brings left overs from Thanksgiving. I bring a very big pot of deer stew. Easy to heat it last the first 3 to 4 days of camp.
I have made it for the last 6 years. Add some jerky and my buddy's chilly. It doesn't get better than that. It makes a very inexpensive 6 to 7 day trip. The most expensive part is the beer and chew. Well two years ago it was GAS!

I know the guys next to us deep fry a turkey.

I forgot one year I brought 3lbs. of king crab legs cooked on the grill That was a nice treat.
Can't beat a little surf and turf!!!!!
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