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Favorite Camp Food!!

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What is your favorite camp food? How about snack food that you have to have sitting around the fire?

My favorite food would be my own special chili. followed closely by marinaded butterfly deerchops on the open fire.
My favorite snack isn't food but a nice cold beverage and a can of Skoal Fine Cut. Thats all I need for a fire side snack!
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Don't worry about us Oldhat, we have those little debbie's in camp. How about those "Nutty Bars", those are the best!
Oh no, we have another Nutty bar freak. Welcome atrkyhntr, glad to have ya aboard. I might have to try that butterfly wrapped in foil. Is that all ya do is throw everything in foil and that's it? By the way, where do you do all your guideing at? Is it your guide business?
How about deer burger wrapped in foil with garlic salt and lemon pepper added. Ya throw it right in the fire and cook it for about ten minutes. Don't forget to poke a hole in each side for the grease to drain out. Ummmmm, is it good!!! Haven't had one for a long time. That might be a good lunch idea to put on the menu.
Sounds like you have a heck of a set-up going. That would be great do to that for a living. Thats like my brother-in-law, he traps grizzly bears for a living in Montana and just started another job trapping wolverine. He is in charge of doing that for Montana State University. I would love to do something like that. There are only a few jobs that I would like to have and you guys have two of them.
I am going to try that butterfly chops in foil, that sounds delicious! I hate that to, you get to a camp site and there is all kinds of trash in the burn ring.
We will definately try the hamburger and the butterfly's in foil!
That beverage goes with anything in camp.
Never been to AEP.
Sounds to me like you miss coming to camp! I knew you would say something about ketchup.
Don't you mean beer & wine?
I don't say so, you do!
See, Q2XL even says so!
I was told once that only old women drink wine. I was telling the wife about you two wine-o's and she said that. "Isn't wine for old women"! Laughed my butt off!!!
I'll take your word for it!
Is there an echo in here or what? or what? or what? or what?
Marinated venison backstrap!!!!
That is what is on the menu for tonight. I'm using the back straps out of my muzzleloader kill. Let them marinate all day and put them on the grill to cook slow on low heat. When you bite into it, it will fall apart in your mouth. Add some real mashed potatoes and gravy with a side of green beans and you got yourself a damn good meal.
Not a problem, it sits right out the back door. With it being on low heat on the top rack I won't have to check that often. I'll go out to smell it more than I wil to check it.
I would invite you if you weren't working. Besides, if I invited you everyone else would be here also.
Are you going to be home tonight or something?
Well then i'll let you know how it tasted! LOLOL!!!!!
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