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Favorite Camp Food!!

Discussion in 'Deer Camp Talk' started by Spitfire, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. What is your favorite camp food? How about snack food that you have to have sitting around the fire?

    My favorite food would be my own special chili. followed closely by marinaded butterfly deerchops on the open fire.
    My favorite snack isn't food but a nice cold beverage and a can of Skoal Fine Cut. Thats all I need for a fire side snack!
  2. Man, don't get me started!!!! Well, okay.......

    A good over the fire cheese burger, medium-well is TOUGH to beat!!!! My home made conqueso dip is the best.....

    Breakfast on the camp fire......sausage gravy, bacon, fried tators!!!!

    Sure beats the hamburger helper I'm about to have:eek:

  3. I'm with you BB. Cheese burger on the fire is great.!;)
  4. Barbacued pork chops (thick) slow cooked over a wood fire, with baked potatos right out of the coals .. add some peas or corn and you are in camp heaven:D :D :D :D
  5. HOW COULD I FORGET.......BEANS & FRANKS!!!!!!!!!


    I hope there's no one in my camp that loves Frank's beans?

    Okay, that was uncalled for:eek: :D :cool:
  6. You guys are spoiled.....I'll take Little Debbie..snack cakes that is!

    Hell, they are cheap and you can't beat them...any hunter that doesn't eat Lil Debbie Snack Cakes to sustitute the 4 basic food groups is a NAZI in my book!
  7. Don't worry about us Oldhat, we have those little debbie's in camp. How about those "Nutty Bars", those are the best!
  8. Reminded me of a camping story...lmao.....buddy and I went to AEP to camp for the weekend. We had bologne, cheese, bread, little debbie oatmeal/cream cookies......something to drink. That's about it. And hot dogs......
  9. any thing that dont move and a cold one
  10. I'm for the butterfly chops(vension) on the grill open fire.also crawdads in a pot over a open fire.
    Snack around the fire peanuts then top it off with a fresh can of skoal wintergreen.
  11. BottomBouncer:

    I can relate, a buddy and I went to Dale Hollow for 4 days....took a few lbs of bologna and a couple roles of bread and some mustard...threw all of it in the bass boat (with sleeping bags and tent) and stayed on the water for 3 days straight (well we camped on an island)..anyway, after 3 or 4 days of nothing but bolgna (outside of lil debbie lunch cakes), a guy gets to be in pretty bad shape. I didn't touch a bologna sandwich for several years after.

    We did catch some good smallies are still on the dock at Hendricks creek!

  12. Ohhhhh boy...
    I need my blackened steak, baked potatoes and fresh coffee... all cooked over a bed a fresh coals from the fire thats keeping us warm as we rotate around it LOL back front back front :D

    Also love butter fly steaks off last seasons deer placed in foil with sliced potatoes, onions, mushrooms and butter then over the coals it goes 7 1/2 min each side NUMMY

    lil debbies all day long with plenty of Nutty Bars... simply the best
  13. Oh no, we have another Nutty bar freak. Welcome atrkyhntr, glad to have ya aboard. I might have to try that butterfly wrapped in foil. Is that all ya do is throw everything in foil and that's it? By the way, where do you do all your guideing at? Is it your guide business?
  14. How about deer burger wrapped in foil with garlic salt and lemon pepper added. Ya throw it right in the fire and cook it for about ten minutes. Don't forget to poke a hole in each side for the grease to drain out. Ummmmm, is it good!!! Haven't had one for a long time. That might be a good lunch idea to put on the menu.
  15. oh yea you can use either dbl wrapped foil or once wrapped with high quality foil... also can use deer burger made into a pattie too which is very nummy and no dishes too... just PLEASE don't toss the foil in the fire unless you know it will burn up... I hate seeing foil in sites that did not burn completly...

    I run my service in Morgan County but have guides in Morgan, Noble & Muskingum Counties... I started this service over 13 years ago by word of mouth when I would take turkey hunters out for gas/food money LOL and the chance to get to call in more birds :D

    I never realized how many hunters had no place to hunt (quality) or simply had sons or daughters of their own and wanted to get back into the sport again after years of not going thus loosing contacts for land and huntable game... The you have those who simply like to hunt with guides... I rarley guide anymore I have several who do most of my guiding... Chris & Mark have lived their whole lives in the area and have added alot of private land to our hunts, more then I had permission for on my own... Tenbears is a taxidermist amoung his many other talents he also guides for me and we will be starting a trapping service this fall where he will teach trapping over the course of a few days and the clients can keep what is caught. Robert and Ernie both come from Pa and guide for me during the 1st week of spring turkey. Robert is an outifitter in Pa and Ernie is a retired Pa game warden who also bounty traps qual ranches down south each winter.
  16. Sounds like you have a heck of a set-up going. That would be great do to that for a living. Thats like my brother-in-law, he traps grizzly bears for a living in Montana and just started another job trapping wolverine. He is in charge of doing that for Montana State University. I would love to do something like that. There are only a few jobs that I would like to have and you guys have two of them.
    I am going to try that butterfly chops in foil, that sounds delicious! I hate that to, you get to a camp site and there is all kinds of trash in the burn ring.
  17. Boy that does sound yummy will have to give that hamburger a try this year.
  18. Ohh I don't do this for a living but as an added income + all the benifits of using mine and others talents to help people become better outdoorsman and woman. I had been donating hunts to the N W T F Convention but had a falling out with a local RD... Seems his bow shop was broken into and he blamed one of my guides because he was in our lodge and saw some new arrows hmnmmnn... Well after he had our camp my top guides store and house searched he then reconted his story and said it was a black truck that he saw not a white one which my guide owned... anyway boy did I get off track LMAO :D
    Something else I found out too because we had some racks confiscated... if you use real deer antlers for rattling better make sure they are drop offs (sheds) cause if you cut the horns off with a hacksaw or such the wardens will take them away :eek: :mad:
    Guess when we see a huge set after a road kill and cut them off we're really breaking the law????? hmnmnmnmn

    My guide Ernie is living the life... Here is his typical year starting in Jan he and the wife packs up his 5th wheel and heads to Canada to hunt caribou for about a month then back home to pack-up and he heads for my camp to guide for turkey and do some hunting on his own too... He also goes to flint ridge to dig up his own flint which he then makes spears, arrow heads and knives out of to sell, trade or barter away LOL After that he guide for Robert in Pa and hunts somemore... After which he heads up to Erie Pa for the summer to walleye and perch fish till the fall when he heads to Ark to bounty trap then he heads to Georgia to bounty trap... Keeps the Bobcats whole and frozen and sells them for $20-30 each... WHAT A LIFE LOL
  19. Ohhhh you have not ate till you'v tried bobca...... :confused: :eek:

    What I do is have them mounted then sell the mounts or as my one guide does he bleaches the skulls and sells them on Ebay... I have him mounting one for me that will have a gobbler in its mouth as if just caught but limp with no motion inparted... Saw one mounted like that at the N W T F Convention couple years back and have wanted that mount ever since ... I never saw any here in Ohio till I saw 3 in the same weekend 2 years ago... AWESOME!!!
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