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fav muzzleloader bullet?

Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Firearms' started by ohihunter2014, Oct 24, 2017.

  1. I recently found out i could order 50 sabots ($10) and use the appropriate reloading bullet .430-.458 for my muzzleloader to shoot a bit cheaper and maybe get a better bullet. I just broke down and ordered the BH209 breech plug for my cva and payday ill get some BH. I have 240gr XTP .430 right now but wondering what another bullet is? Id kind of like to try 300gr for some good kinetic energy and pass thru.

    what are you loading?
  2. .490 lead ball. ;)
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  3. 295gr Powerbelt hollow point.
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  4. funny you put this up today....I was just looking at ML bullets today. I've shot the powerbelt aero tips and hollow points for years. Think I'm going to switch to the powerbelt pure lead this year. I'm not a fan of plated bullets. They don't mushroom out like lead and they break apart too easy. I do like how easy powerbelts load so I want to stay with them....just not a fan of the plated bullets. Me and my buddy were talking and comparing notes last year on the lack of blood trail and knock down from the powerbelts and came to conclusion that a lot of it may be from the lack of mushrooming they do. I shoot 295 grain bullets now.....I'm thinking of going up to the 348 grain pure lead and see how those do.
  5. I've only shot two deer with the Powerbelts as I usually don't do much gun hunting. One was a seven point buck, the other a mature doe. Buth dropped in their tracks.
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  6. my buddy has a lot more experience with them than I do.....he uses his ML during gun. On several occasions he's put what should be pretty good shots and still had a track. His one last year went almost 80 yards and had no blood trail to speak of for the first 50.
  7. I shoot a 240 gr Dead Center out of a MMP sabot over 95 grains of 777. Very accurate and flat. Haven't had a deer run more than 20 yds so far. Longest shot was 165 yds.
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  8. Trying blackhorn this year if that matters on bullets?
  9. I've always used the 240 gr XTP in my Rem mls..
  10. I have had real good luck with powerbelts 295 grain. Both hollow point and aero tips. I have been shooting them out of my Knight disc rifle for 12 or more years. I have taken plenty of deer with them. I always preferred it over shotgun.
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  11. I am not a big ML guy and have never tried these bullets out of a ML. However I have shot Barnes bullets in my high power rifles and a solid copper bullet out of my shot gun for many years . The solid copper bullets always penetrate because they hold there weight . So If I was going to try some different bullets 1 of them would be a Barnes expander .
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  12. I like my 300gr Barnes ezpanders
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  13. I also shoot the 240 dead centers with harvester sabot. Also great accuracy with the scorpion PT Golds but I had one fall apart on me last year and destroy a dear.
  14. I like to use the POWERBELT .50 348 gr. COPPER hollow point
  15. Bawana

    Bawana Staff Member Mod

    I use the Power Belt 295 gr hollow points in my Traditions Pursuit, with 100 grns of triple seven powder =dead deer!
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  16. Another Dead Center fan. Been using them for many years.
  17. 8 or 9 with shockwaves. 150gr 777
  18. For best results in my CVA Optima Elite, I shoot hornady xtp 240 grain, .430 caliber, inside of a .50 caliber sabot. 120-130 grains of Blackhorn 209 powder, and a Remington shotshell primer. Awesome set up. Prior to that load I've tried several other combinations. Including powerbelts, TC shockwaves, with triple seven pellets, pyrodex pellets, Jim Shockeys gold pellet sticks, and cci primers.
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  19. i have had good luck with the hornady's . I use powder tripple 7 90 grains i believe the bullet is 250g
  20. Man that's a load. Loose powder has some punch. Also my Wolf does not like the black horn - i believe due to the longer breach plug. I do use shot gun primers