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fav 22lr scope?

Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Firearms' started by ohihunter2014, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. I have a simmons 3-9 on my savage mark 2 but the scope took a crap and id like to buy something a little better. I am seriously looking at a vortex 4-12-44 AO i found for $130 normally $189. also looking at a vortex 2-7-34 rimfire and Nikon rimfire models 3-9-40/4-12/40.

    what do you guys like and what power?
  2. 2x7 if your hunting with this rifle . Now if your going to go shoot bench rest matches than you way want more power and parallax adjustment . I was shooting p-dogs in Colorado well over 100 yards with my CZ .22 and it's got a Leupold VX1 2x7x33 on it . So the 7 power is plenty for hunting and the 2 x is real nice for close up work .
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  3. For a 22 long riffle.I would just top it with a nice 3x9. Save that scope money and get get ya a nice 17hmr with a bull barrel."If possible"Their accuracy can not be matched, for a plinking gun in my opinion.Then top that with something really nice. Anyhow I think just a 30 or 40 dollar 3x9 is perfect for a 22 long rifle. Just my opinion.

    Maybe their should be a rule a dollar to a dollar fifty per yard you plan on shooting with your gun? Heck I don't know.Everybody likes their steaks different.Its up to the the fella if he likes it or not.
  4. I'm calling bs.I was the one shooting them.o_O...The man, the legend, the myth!:p
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  5. hes got a leupold that's why. our cheapo vortex and Nikons aren't made for those super long range sniper shots don't ya know. :)
  6. i had two $30-40 scopes on it and they kept breaking. well one broke when i found an old woven square cattle fence and tripped and fell down a hill and the gun landed in a dry creek bed. the other is the simmons and it wont track now so im thinking the turrets are shot. no more cheap stuff for me but no way in hell im putting a $200+ scope on a $150 22 beater gun. No offense catchdog. if i had a cz then id put a Nikon on it. :p
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  7. has the Vortex crossfire 2x7x32 for $119 and free shipping . Here is a 100 yard target shot with my CZ .22 I have sighted in at 100 yards . I'm sure I cold have done the same with a vortex Or Nikon scope on it . But Hay you can call BS on this and say I really shot it at 25 yards if you want .[​IMG]
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  8. OH and I was sighted in with different ammo . This was just testing some Remington .22 target ammo .
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  9. Sounds like what ever ya get,you need to immediately take it out of the box ,it came in ,hit it with a baseball bat.Then practice doing cartwheels with it in your hand.Then immediately grab your climber tie your scope to your boot and climb up.Upon reaching your desired height.Untie and throw that thing as far as you can.Then retrieve it!Put it on your gun and dial it in accordingly.If it works your set my friend!
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  10. I'm saying it's more like 7 yards!!!! But I wouldn't be willing to stand at 100 yards and let you try. Lmao that's a good group for a 22 or at 100 yards!!
  11. What ammo do you prefer?
  12. I'm not gonna lie.Since getting a17hmr.I don't even pull out the 22 unless for sh.ts and giggles.The 17 hmr made them obsolete in my mind.Even a 22 magnum. Just way more accurate. Not trying to high jack the thread just saying. Bullet costs plays a part as well now days.
  13. The CZ shoots the Rem target the best that I have found . But most of the time I shoot Federal with the code 510 on it . It shoot pretty close to as good as the Rem target but 1/4 the price . My Savage .22 That is topped with a 25 year old Simmons 2x shot gun scope ) likes Federal bulk pack . My Ruger 10/22 ( topped with a 30 year old Tasco 3x9x32 ) Likes CCI stingers And has killed many groundhogs out two 130 yards . But most had to be shot more than once . So the ammo I like is what ammo that rifle likes . I have a CZ .17 and it shoots pretty good . It seems to shoot good 3 shot groups But they open up with 5 shot groups if I don't let the Barrel cool down a little . It has way more range than the .22 and sure hits harder . I still like the .22 for tree rats . But to each his own .

    I don't have a climber , I hunt from the ground . If it works for hunting your set for hunting . If you shoot at a bench rest match you may want something better than it will keep it in a quarter at 50 yards .
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  14. maybe I am a cheap rear, but my Henry has a cheap .22 scope. I just use it to bust squirrels so 50 yards with a cheap 2-3 power is all I need. I don't know if I have ever shot further with a .22.
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  15. thinking of a 3-9 or 4-12 simmons pro sport with the adjustable objective/parallax.

    what you guys think?
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  16. 7yr old and 6 yr old 15 yards maybe a 3yr old in the pattern as well. 3x9 haha

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  17. I have a 3x9 Simmons on mine. After reloading a good amount and seeing what different loads do for rifles, I've come to realize I'm just a poor shot....I can go out different days shoot like hell and the next hold a great pattern. Some scopes r junk and bust but u can only do what the round/gun combo can do iron sights or scope. Go with the vortex you've had luck with them it sounds.If u aren't confident with what you are shooting it shows.....I think
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  18. still think it's pricey for a .22 but it would work perfect.
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  19. 50$ on Amazon.
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  20. jackpot!
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