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I seem to be getting more emails on this especially about father/son(s)coming to the deer camp(wn)...of course this is welcomed...i especially like to see this...whether its a son/daughter or the whole family,there is a place here for you...as always anyone that wants to come to our camp is welcome...i believe the main thing to remember is that this is primitive style camping and theres no restroom facilities here...you may want to bring that with you...especially if women/daughter(s) will be there...shower/privacy enclosures can be bought for as low as 75$,including solar bag and toilet,there is also chemicals available for toilets...last year we had a father son at camp with both seeing plenty of deer and the son taking a nice buck and a doe:D...which was a first for deer camp(wn):bouncy:...it was also the first time we've had father and son attend...and they had a great time in camp as well while hunting together...
another 1st for our camp was a woman taking a deer...wendy has been at the camp for 4 years...her very first yr. the 1st deer she seen and got in to 20 yds. was a bbb...too much brush in the way and no shot...her second yr.she seen several deer and drew down but got no shot as the deer bolted...her 3rd yr. she seen a ton of deer and got 3 shots but missed and drew on a couple small bucks for practice...:D...her 4th yr. she got her first deer on the 4th day of the camp...:biggrin:
we've also have a pair of brothers in camp that i believe have scored on 4 bucks and a doe(or two)the last 2 yrs...
all are welcome to the camp...we're all hunters and we all want a good time...the camp provides that thanks to the great people that attend and the thanks to the wnf that gives us a fantastic primitive camping experience for up to 9 days and plenty game to hunt and a good chance at a p$y sized buck...just be sure when you decide to come to camp that you have all you need to keep you comfy to enjoy your time here..."we'll leave the light on":biggrin:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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