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Face paint

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Toledo2007, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. Hey guys I'm looking to use face paint this year. Any suggestions for good non scent, non reflective paint?


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  2. hunters specialties or bear...i like it better but its hard to get off...:D

  3. Thanks for the advise

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  4. Carbomask

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  5. Just don't do what some dumbass(me) did a couple years ago. Forgot I had my face camo'd and went to the store after a hunt. Should of seen the looks I was getting:16suspect1:
  6. Been there done that. lol
  7. I use the stuff the military issues us. Its a pain to wash off though. I wonder if ash from an old fire would work? Itd be easy to wash off and wouldnt have a scent issue.

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  8. Would be about like using the burnt and ashed end of a cork right?Sounds similar..
  9. Where from?

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  10. Me too haha more than once

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  11. HS stuff is terrible to get off. I like the idea of ash or charcoal plus that would go good with the Smoked clothes.
  12. Nimrod

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    My huntin buddy uses the face paints (his code name is Raccoon). He uses the baby wipes (soap towelettes) and the stuff comes off pretty easy. Burnt cork is very easy to apply and effective. I just hide behind my bow!
  13. The cream type of paint in the little tubes comes off easier than the face paint that comes in the little makeup container. Both are made by Hunters Speciaties I think. They have wipes you can buy to take it off but there aren't very many in the packs and they don't last long. They look like baby wipes and I'm sure a bulk pack of baby wipes would be cheaper so I might try those this year. I use face paint everytime I hunt and still haven't found a secret to get the stuff off well either. Keep it off your eyebros and hair too its tough to get off.
  14. I'm sure acetone or gasoline will take it off. Jk, hot soapy water works best for me.

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  15. My girlfriend uses makeup remover and it comes right off, however I still scrub and scrub til it comes off, hot soapy water like said above is what works good enough

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