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Expensive swivels?

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Have any of you guys used those ball bearing swivels? Are they worth the money or do the regular barrell swivels work just the same? I'm going to make up some leaders and I'm just curious if the ball bearing swivels are worth it............they're pretty pricey!
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I know a few people who use them, but I personally dont think they are that much better than a barrel swivel...No way would I pay that much for swivels just to lose them like crazy in snags
The reason I thought they might be of an advantage is because of the way channels tend to role around, I believe blues do the same thing?
only use them...

for certain rigs..and when i do, i use the big heavy Sampo swivels. But for most of my fishing its either a 3-way rig(leader 12"-36") or slip sinker rig(no leader). Regular barrel swivels work good and are best used to heavy current conditions where your bait might spin too much and wind up your line.
If i fished from a boat, i'd probably use them more.
The water you're fishing matters

When fishing debris filled, dirty, swampy, ect... water, the nicer swivels roll smoother than the cheap ones. The cheap ones seem to gunk up a lot faster.
I personally dont think they are that much better than a barrel swivel. But to each him own on equipment. If it works for me why change.;)
I have tested them some ... I would say if you are casting something that twists your line up a lot, or in current with a bait that might twist then they are well worth it ... The cheap ones if you take a close look at them don't twist with any pressure on them .. if you tie a line to each end a apply a little pressure and twist it you will see for yourself .. no swivel ... The sampos are worth the price if you are having a problem with twisted line .. if not I wouldn't worry about it, unless it just makes you feel safer. I use them both off and on
A lot of times using a whole shad in the current will cause line twists. I'm going to try some on one of my larger rigs, can't hurt.
If you fish around weeds the cheap ones will get clogged and lock up.

When I build spinnerbaits I used the better one because they will easily spin the blades even at extremely low speeds.

I've been using BPS 1/0 for my cat rigs with no problems. Not fishing in weeds either.:)
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