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Ever see one of these when spring hunting

Discussion in 'Ohio Turkey Hunting' started by atrkyhntr, Dec 30, 2002.

  1. This past spring was not only the best one to date for gobbler harvest and numbers (32 gobblers were harvested by guides/clients) we had a couple guest too...
    I have a couple guides from Pa every open week and this past spring one said he called in a hen peacock with two longbeards... Well of course he took a little ribbing and let us have our fun.:D
    Then the 3rd week into the season my top guide had a day to himself and took a couple buddies out to see if they could bring some longbeards to gun...
    He set-up about 20 yards behind his buddies who had decoys set out in front of them on motion sticks... Well wasn't long before some birds headed in... Van (short for Vance) does not hunt much turkey and never calls so he was kind of new to this whole scene unfolding before him. Butch was the first to shoot and took a fine gobbler but Van watched one fly off and land about 30 yards away and kaBLOOM he let some lead fly... At the sametime my top guide had one sneek in behnd him and gobble at the other shots so he turned and was able to down another fine gobbler. At the his shot he heard Van yell W T H did I shoot???? My top guide thought WOW he must have shot a 7 bearded 3" spurred 30 lb bird so he yells to Van to tell him about the gobbler... van yells well it has blue and green and ....... you get the point ;)
    Well a photo is worth a 1000 words so here you are and also the game warden said it was thought of as barnyard fowl and was legal to shoot :eek:

  2. Never saw one while hunting but have heard a couple.

  3. Never seen one in the wild. I have seen and heard several in pens though. Are they legal to shoot?:confused:
  4. I'm sure I dont know the full story here but I dont see the humor. What about identifying your prey before shooting? I mean really- a peacock vs. a gobbler. Where are the similarities? Personnally, I'd be embarrassed.
  5. Never seen one or heard one one being taken until now.:D
  6. Looks like moss growing on the bird...

    Ive never seen that before....yet again i am new to turkey hunting:)
  7. ha ha ha

    That funny. My only question is how did it taste:D Man he has some explaing to do. But at least he has one nice tail mount;)
  8. I didn't know we had wild peacocks here in Ohio. Wonder who's pet it was?

    Would he have smiled so big in the picture if his buddies were posing with deer and he had shot one of the neighbors calves?

    Gee, I thought it was a grouse when it took off, I didnt realize it was a chicken.

    I saw a brown animal running in the brush, I couldnt beleive my eyes when I found out it was a labrador retriever.

    I know of a couple of ponds that always have ducks on them and there are these really big white geese...

    Identify your target dumb@$$. Posting pictures and stories like this only verifies your stupidity and sheds a bad light on all hunters.
  9. I am not jumping on you like the others did, because you did not shoot it......However it does seem to me like the guy could tell a peacock from a turkey...I would not want to hunt with him
  10. Since when I write/reply I try to keep things as simple and short as I can so to not get finger cramps or simular... :rolleyes:
    I'll say this much to clear up some comments here...
    Van knew he was taking a bird and not a turkey when he pulled the trigger. His backstop was good since as a seasoned hunter he knew to look around before the set-up was complete. Do any here do the same or simply say they do when the sad truth is NOT? I wonder hmnmnn
    As stated it is perfectly legal to shoot this peacock (we are also a check-in station and called the warden before hand letting him know about the hen peacock that was seen earlier in the season and was told to shoot each and everyone we saw) and infact in the 3 county area I guide it is also legal to shoot any turkey at anytime of the year if it has one single white feather on it.... Before we go and run off at the mouths check with your warden before replying here...
    In retrospect we all are not writers or very experience at these keyboards and should be respectful when commenting in the future...
    The warden did say he is sure these birds escaped from someone at sometime...
    noboatdave I'd say you need to take a chill pill... Your comments were way out of line in my book... :rolleyes:
  11. In the first post it was typed that Van said "W T H did I shoot?'. That would tend to make people think that he didnt realize it was a peacock before he shot. It did me. But I left it alone because it was stated that it was legal to kill it and also that a peacock is around the same size as a turkey. Mistakes do happen. LOL

    I knew also that somebody would be calling BS on it and know it might get out of hand. Dont need that. Turkey Hunters are a crazy bunch and have a good sense of humour. Let's keep it that way.

    Or maybe I am just full of it and need to go hunting for some turkeys soon;) :D :cool:
  12. Those are some nice birds, but we don't have too many good places up here in NW Ohio to hunt em!