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Ever catfish the Cuyahoga River?

Discussion in 'Ohio Catfish Anglers' started by Ohio Bill, Jan 14, 2003.

  1. I live near the cuyahoga river, around canal road in valley view is only 5 minute drive for me.... I was wondering if anyone ever caught any flatheads there and what was there biggest channel cat?....Ive never fished there yet and would like to know if thats a good spot?:D
  2. Don't waste your time LOL
    I use to fish there now and then years ago so if its the same forget it... access may be better now since that park system, the name loses me now, took over much of the land...
    hmmnmn may not be a bad idea to set some bank lines just tpo find out what is still in there!!

    Now the canal is another story. I use to catch tons and I mean tons of crayfish there to use for smallies on the big lake. Sometimes I would also catch very very small channel cats too that I would quickly release. Also use to catch snapping turtles down there too but also simply released them due to polution. I was really testing turtle traps for future use. Gave that up too LOL after my times became limited due to the guide service and 6 kids :eek:

    Now use to do very well out at Ladue Res till about 10 years ago... Not sure what hap'nd but could catch some real nice cats out there fishing the channels and points from a boat...
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  3. Never Catfished the Cuy........

    But I watched it Burn when I used to live in Cleveland years ago..........Its amazing how far that river has been cleaned up...........just like the big lake.
  4. Now that the cuyahoga valley metroparks , i guess are in control by the river...there is alot of parking spots along the canal to park and fish.....i think ill give it a try this spring.:)
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