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Especially for 'Maniac and MrFish.... Link to buy fishing hardware. OK prices.

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Dave_E, Jan 21, 2003.

  1. Here's the link

    I have never purchased through them but their prices are pretty good.

    Hey 'Maniac and MrFish, check out the Okuma Inspira.
    I finally got to handle/test a Metaloid. It was impressive to say the least. I think the Inspira is currently Okuma's top of the line spinning reel.
  2. I'll stick with my Red Rhinos:rolleyes:

  3. Thanks

    Hopefully I'm done rigging for now. Jim
  4. Dude, this place still sells 6500C3's for $80 and C4's for $95. Those prices suck.........even BPS is cheaper than that......
  5. yea BB

    But thats just for a basic Abu 6500...heck everyone has them and you can find them anywhere..i like more exotic reels that no one else has;) :cool:
    I checked out that site..they do have great prices on the Okuma spinning reels for sure..some even better than the guy i usually deal with on Okumas
    I just ordered two Avenger 15 for my boys(UL reels) that hold 95yrds of 6lb line and have like 6 ball bearings(plus all the goodies of the larger reels like instant anti.)
    I also ordered an Okuma AXION surf reel(AXS 65) for throwing lures long distance, this reel has 12 BB's and cost $90 less than my new Daiwa Emblem surf reel.

    Im trying to find out info. on thier Convector bait casting reels like the CN-45L (level wind) that holds 460/20 for $80 i just want to know if it has a clicker..if so im going to buy one to "test" it out;)
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  6. Yeah, that's exactly my point. They sell a reel that everyone has, for $10 to $15 more.
  7. My bad

    I wasn't looking at the "everyday" kind of stuff either. I was looking at the harder to find gear.
  8. That's cool.............nothing against you. I was amazed that they sell those at that price.:cool:
  9. Hey, no problem BB

    I try to buy as much as possible locally (Kames, Gander, Dick's, and Ohio Outdoor Sports for me.) I inet shop for stuff I can't find locally.