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Discussion in 'Fly Tying / Fly Fishing' started by Lance, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod

    Things have been more than a bit hectic this summer and are ony going to get worse this fall so when I was told I could take Thursday off and get some time to myself I JUMPED! After going through the options I decided to head for PA and explore some mountain brookie water with the idea that I could get out by myself and unwind. I settled on a Class-A Wild brook trout stream. If you've ever looked for you'll know that they're all pretty much in the middle of nowhere so that fit the bill!


    After a little bit of fishing I quickly figured out that my stealthy skills are way out of practice after not fishing these types of streams in quite awhile and found myself spooking quite a few fish as the water was somewhat low and gin clear. Could have used some lessons from Cream!



    I was bound and determined to stick to dries and catch some wild brookies. Well let's just say I didn't set the world on fire but I did manage to hook and lose a pretty nice brookie but I did avoid the shut out by landing this surprise little wild rainbow. :bouncy:


    Saw/spooked a decent number better fish and there was a LOT more water there to be explored so I definitely found a place that I'll be headed back to in the future. Hopefully with improved stealth skills and some better fish to show for it! :biggrin:
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  2. Awesome, glad you got out Lance.

    Allegheny drainage? Not familiar with the stream in the pics.

  3. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod

    yep, Ill shoot you the name. in a PM, There's only so many class A streams in the area so if someone wants to work a little they can figure it out. ;)
  4. Nice pics, Lance. Hope you get more time to chase steelhead this fall :bouncy:.
  5. Steve

    Steve Staff Member Admin Mod

    I tried PA mountain brookie fishing once. Never turned a fish. I don't think I was nearly stealth enough.
  6. Lance, is that average size for wild bows?

    My neighbors has a spring fed pond and they average 6 pounds in there, and look a tad different than that one. I dont know squat about trout.

    Black Dog Bowfishing Pro Staff
  7. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod

    Nope, he was small. :) still water rainbows are definitely a much different fish than a stream bred fish though. lake/pond bred fish have more opportunity to pack on the pounds because they're not fighting current all the time. In the east your typical stream bred rainbows average 10-15" with an occasional larger fish to be found. (Not counting steelhead of course).
  8. Nice looking waters. IVe always wanted to explore PA's mountain streams.
  9. Yep, my biggest wild WV bow was about 17", and it looked like a shark coming out of the small stream where I caught it.

    Nice fish, Lance! Those low waters like that make you work way too hard for little bug-eaters. It's the most challenging fishing I have tried because they are just so easy to spook in conditions like that!
  10. Awesome!!! I love fishing out on those beautiful mountain trout streams in PA. I know exactly what stream that is, those holes look kinda familiar, and that last hole I know very well. It's a great little stream, but I never caught any brookies in there. I guess you have to go pretty far up to get into them. Tons of other great brookie streams not far from there though. That's such a beautiful area of the state.
  11. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod

    I was originally planning on going about another 20 minutes NE of there but got a late start. :whistle: From where I parked you could easily spend a couple days fishing and not fish the same water twice!
  12. Definitely, I always wanted to spend a whole day or two exploring that whole watershed but never got to doing it yet. There's some big brown trout surprises in that stream, and I'm sure the other creeks in that watershed too. One of my goals this year was to catch the wild slam in the same creek, but every time I had to fish one other stream to get the brookie.