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Erie Walleye

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species Fishing' started by WalleyeWiz, Dec 13, 2002.

  1. Just wondering what your favorite cranks are for the big lake and what time of the year do you do best with them.
    Capt`n Dwayne
    WalleyeWiz Guide Service :)
  2. Deep RRs whenever the Eyes are high! :cool:


  3. Ray, I agree with you on the ReefRunners.Great cranks for HUGE EYES. Can`t wait until the 1st of the year when the Rip Shads come out .Those will be a hot bait for the western basin in the summer.
    Capt`n Dwayne
    WalleyeWiz Guide Service
  4. Hey WW. We're heading to Lakeside and or Huron for some night pier walleye casting. We'll let you know how we do. :D
  5. Good Luck and be safe up there.
    Capt`n Dwayne
    WalleyeWiz Guide Service
  6. well.. we didnt do any good.. maybe next time.. :)
  7. WalleyeWiz .. I'm on Den's signup pad for dibbs on a few RR RS when the 1st order comes in ~ wish me luck, if it was summer it would be a Lottery for sure!!!:rolleyes: :p
  8. Ray, I know what you mean. I waited over a year to get some of Den`s custom colors.Everytime I went to see him he was out.Talked to him at the WC get together and went to the shop afterwards to pick them up.Started catching fish on the first trip with them.Everytime I think I`m all set on RR`s ,Scott comes out with some new colors or in this case a new line of cranks.Boy the wife is going to be pissed when those come
    Capt`n Dwayne
    WalleyeWiz Guide Service
  9. I prefer the Rip Stiks for Erie, Inland Little Rippers. Dont matter to me if they high or low!! If low more lead to get em to the bottom!!
  10. tahoej ~

    I think the whole RR lineup meets/fills the bill for Erie. I like the lil' rips for Inland IL use, but with my brand of Zig Zag trollin' & long leads they sure kiss the stumps with line wrap .. long bill trippers on a shortline off PBs was the ticket for me this year .. I just need a lure that can handle speed without Raybob body work .. hopein' the new RR RS will fit that need when I'm not R-trappin' the humps or jiggin' the colder water.
  11. Jiggn the cold water. Man i cant wait till spring. I prefer as ive said in the past to jig. Not a big fan of trolin, but sometimes thats what you got to do, espically when your as old as you!! LOL :D :cool: :D
  12. Dwayne, Haven't had much experience with the RRs but did very well on them last year. I use to troll Hot n tots a lot when we use to flatline most everything and still have a bunch of them. Love the spoon bite :)
    Tahoej, couldn't u use dipsies to get those rip sticks down??
  13. Bob- Probably could use dypseys if we had some. Got some jets, those dont seem to work real well on the cranks! Ill get some when the new Pro-V makes it to my driveway!!
  14. Hot n Tots back

    "Hang Onto Your Hats. Storm Lures Are Back."

    Ladies and Gentelmen. Heres my Christmas present to all of you. I've kept this under my hat for a while, and have had a hard time doing so. I am honored to have recieved, scrutenized and tub tested some and the very few of the first new lures Produced by David Storm, son of Bill Storm and nephew to all those beloved Storm guys who made the now defunct (true) Hot-N-Tot and lure related friends. Both the company and the lures name of course is different. The company name is Daves Ka-Boom Baits and the lures name is The Winning Streak. Dave has retained many of the old crew and the design technologies used in the old Tot maufacturing process. I guess its no secret that I'm both partial to the Storms personally and to the great lures they made in the past. But the proof has always been in the pudding. And not much escapes the scrutinizing eyes of a good fisherman when it comes to things built well and that works on the fish. Here are some of my honest opinions on this lure, without actually having tried it on the true lure tester, the walleye.
    It comes in the 1/4 ounce size. The right size in my own estimation for a lot more applications than the bigger size. It appears to me to be a cross between a Rattle Tot and a Hot-N-Tot. Has a rattle in the body, and a hardened aluminum lip and connector link, like the old model Tot. It seem real stable and has an erratic swimming action. Honestly, not quit the searching action his cousin had, but close. Comes in 36 colors and has a lot of my own favorite Saginaw Bay colors included. Comes with #4 Aberdeen Short Shank, Eagle Claw, Wide Bend hooks. I scanned both catalog pictures and color charts sent to me and will share same with anybody wanting to see them. There supposed to be in the stores by late January. Cabelas, Gander Mountain and all the big local outlets around the Saginaw Bay are supposed to have them as well. This will indeed be a Merry Christmas and happier New Year for me and thousands of other walleye junkies.

    "Only Jesus Guaranteed fish before the trip out"

    Capt: Dan.
  15. Whatever happened to using the old erie derrie and the gold or silver nuggets here in the west end of the lake. It's been quite a while since I have gone out for the eyes, but it seems like that's all we ever use to use. Sometime I would use a hornet, but I haven't seen those for years.
  16. Ray..........

    Thats great to see the Storm Hot N tots back.........I was having to buy the Imposters !!

    I Still think the best way to get the Western Basin Hogs is the Jigging spoon early on in the season....beat the big crowds out.....I like the heavy Swedish Pimple loaded with shiners..........will never forget two years back, we boated (3) ten pound / 30" plus, all Fish Ohio winners, and two 13-1/2" Perch..... Five Fish Ohio certificates handed to us by the ODNR who was waiting to check our creel that fine April day .....I have a pic of that somewhere........Ill have to dig that up and share it.

  17. rjolenic ~ Whatever happened to using the old erie dearie

    No#1 ~ times & Erie have changed alot since the 80s. The clear water we now have have forced alot of changes in the fishin' methods .. that's not to say the weight-forward spinners won't catch fish, but just not near as well as other lures & methods adapted to the clearer water & changes in fish behavior
  18. You sir are correct...........I havent opened up an Erie Derie in 3 seasons now....I think I have half dozen in the package still...........Its all been worm harnesses and Weapons for me personally.........

    I dont really miss them either, easier to detect light bights on the Weapons FOR SURE dont ya think Erie?

    Scott :D