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Erie Eyes Thru Ice

Discussion in 'Ice Fishing Ohio' started by CritterGitter, Jan 24, 2003.

  1. CritterGitter

    CritterGitter Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Hey guys I have a good link for Lake Erie Ice fishing and the conditions up there.

    My uncle and I are going up there tomorrow to give it a shot. We are just going to check around the area west of Catawba State Park. I have heard they are taking a few nice walleyes out there. Looks as though they have good ice out there and this may be the last weekend for good ice up there anyway. I will try to get back on here and post results tomorrow evening.
  2. CritterGitter

    CritterGitter Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Well, if you go to Erie it is not worth your time fishing the Catawba State Park area. We fished there all day yesterday and didn't get a bite. We didn't even mark a fish. There were about 50 or 60 shantys out there and nobody did any good. Might be better north and out towards the bass islands, but there weren't any fish caught west of the state park area. We were out about a mile and a half or so and fished 19 foot of water.

  3. CG, we are getting similar reports out of Breast Bay and Michigan Erie locations. Must be the water temp or something shutting them off. Or possibly they are heading for the rivers already for spawning. Saginaw river in mid Michigan seems to be fishing well for walleyes but it sounds like it is in the river and not the bay.

    In the mean time gills, crappie and perch taste awfully good. Good Luck.
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