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End Times Preparedness

Discussion in 'Primitive Skills, Bushcraft, and Survival' started by JBSedon, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. How many of you keep water, food, ammo and etc supply ready? What do you think is a good supply?

    Im not really into the total nut stuff like on the Discovery channel, but I do think its smart to have a plan and supplies. I have really started to think about it alot lately. I think if the fecal matter hits the oscillator, I am going to fortify and stay put if I can. Bug out bags will be ready, but I figure so many will be unprepared that hitting the streets would be suicide. I have faith that some sort of order would be established in time, but being prepared for that period between is my goal. Here are some things I have thought about that I think are essentials.

    I would like to have at least 4 weeks worth of food.
    I think at least 5-10 of those blue water jugs would be good. My house is spring fed, but I would want to be prepared for contamination.
    At least two handguns of the same caliber, and 1000 rounds. I think itd be smart for those guns to be the same make and models, in case you have issues with parts or etc. Extra parts and mags would be good too.
    At least one tactical shotgun, with 500 rounds. I have my hunting shotguns, but I know from experience as military and LEO that I can fly through clearing buildings, obstacles and etc with a long gun designed to tackle such obstacles.
    A good short barrel rifle, my choice would be either an AR platform or an AK, with 1000 rounds.
    Medical supplies, including antibiotics, IV bags, able to treat everything from poison ivy to burns to gunshot wounds.
    3-5 propane tanks for smokeless heat and cooking.
    Supplies to fortify my structure, including fire extinguishers, boards, nails etc. Small things such as door stops to help keep doors from being kicked in.
    Flashlights, radio, batteries.

    What have you thought about? Im not a fruit, I just think that these are things we should think about and be prepared for.

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  2. If you did have to bug out on foot, what would you take and what would you leave behind?

    I also think hygiene products are mandatory, as poor hygiene can be your worst enemy, especially if there are multiple people together.

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  3. Ghillie suit or a place to hide if your fort is overrun, I'd prefer to have a longe range gun maybe a .308 or .300 ultra mag, just in case you don't want to get too close and get caught or for someone to cover you from a safe location.

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  4. It’s you, your family, your friends and your castle, so it doesn’t matter what we think.

    Looters, considered NGOs, are a bigger threat than uniformed forces, although the former will be much easier to defend against.

    Some links for light reading and information:
  5. That depends on the move: relocation or foray; planned or hasty; and what resources (people, property, time and money) are available and their status..
  6. I would have hoped we could have had a few responses to get a good conversation going. When an event happens, people will wish they did pay attention.
  7. Thanks for the additional thoughts Cat.

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  8. Would you trade a higher capacity and relatively higher rate of fire long gun for a slow operating bolt action generally single use weapon? I mean, what ranges can you apply that big bore bolt action that you cant apply an AR to?

    I prefer to also bring into thought the geographic location and amount of feasable use, cost, and convenience.

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  9. I would think anything around people would be bad. as stated looters and robbers will be a big problem that you really don't want you and your family to deal with. So bugging out and heading to hills would be IMO the wise. Emergency radio is a must a quality water filter.

    If you bug out how will you carry all the stuff 5 weeks is a long time/lot of stuff.. Water purifier!!

    Also it really depends on the the problem.. Why are we leaveing?

    Also gun wise In house a Shotgun out of house 22cal would be just fine. you can carry plent of rounds and if shot well can still acomplish any thing you need to do. plus the low amount of sound it produces.

    C-Ya I have to get to work...

    Ps. with all the talk of 2012 and all the bad shows out tthere on preping I am sure most people have thought about it.
  10. I have a bunch of gift certificates for McDonalds - dang :whistle::mischeif:
  11. The key to anything is having plans
    and having the tools/knowledge to execute such plans.
    From what I see, you're way ahead of the curve.

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  12. I don't want to be the guy that said "yea they said be prepared but I just thought ot was bullsh+t"

    I'm not a freak either but I have thought about if there is ever a problem I my wife kids and I are ok.

    A few years ago when there was a "gas shortage" people kind of went nuts around us. We had the electric go out so I pulled out the generator. We had both frig's deep freezer and the cable/TV running. If any thing happens I would like to be just as set up as I was when the porer went out...

    I have gathered afew things in a couple of toot nothing crazy, just enough to make it a few weeks can't be to safe... but what I can not stess is a water purifier. A Katadyn pocket filter is the one you want. 13,000 gals on one filter. weighs around a pound...

    I have a friend that knows everything when it comes to edible plants he hiked the AP. he is a little nut's but he is bugging out and going as far from people as you can. LOL he can survive with out much of anything as Jericho said in his post " having the tools/knowledge to execute such plans" is what is needed. He is a little over the top but just working and hanging out with him I have learned a lot about edible plants and such ...
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  13. Thats good man. If you are prepared and nothing ever happens, great! But if you arent prepared and something happens....

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  14. What thinks gonna happen

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  15. its sort of nice having a lot of camping gear...i already have everythang for emergencies...already have been used when power lost for extended a hunter i have weapons and ammo...i'll prolly add some more soon...but no assault weapons...maybe more ammo for the guns...m16s in 5.6 would work for what you can buy more ammo lots carry it lots easier...and it gets the job done...i too would like a 22 with a hundred round drum clip and a million rounds of superiority and youd still have ammo left after the fire fight when others are out...heh heh heh...then if yuh want...pull out the cannons...:D
  16. Get some carbide and make ya up some bombs! Haha

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  17. I really don't think anything is going to happen, but times are kind of spooky. weather, global hostility toward us, Global money issues, and the whole end of the world/end of the calender thing...

    All in all I would like to have supplies and food, just in case something unforseen happens... If you remember Katrina? There were robbing, looting and raping during the Fema's lack of preparedness. I just would rather be prepared then unprepared. Do you really think things would be fine and the Gov. and local gov. would be on top of things. I don't know but I don't want to have to count on them.

    I could be something big or little a day or a month It doen't hurt to have a few totes with food and gear. Agian I quality water filter IMO is one of the most important.

    I do know that if something did happen and I was stuck with some of the wierd-O's in the prepers TV show them just shoot me! LOL
  18. Speakin of the calendar thing, if you beleive that, your a dumbass. Not sayin this is you but anybody who.does needs a lil help.

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