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End of Quantum/ Zebco ?

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by mrfish/OH, Jan 13, 2003.

  1. I've heard they were bought out, then that company sold them to a Japanese company. I was told by someone who called the service dept at Quantum and they said to get any parts now as they may not be availible later. I think they will still use the Zebco /Quantum name, but be manufactured elsewhere with new models ? That's my guess.
  2. I haven't heard that , but would like to find out more about this.;)

  3. It's pretty bad that an American company just can't seem to get it right. With the exception of my Iron and Accurist, all the other Quantums I have owned have effed up on my. From the Hypercast I bought when they first came out, to the Classic Express baitcaster, and now the BlueRunner. The Hypercast first came out a LONG time ago.....the BlueRunner is within' the last couple years, yet I had the similar problems with both.

    Now we have another company going over seas........what's wrong with the economy? Oh yeah.........
  4. Chalk another one up for the Liberals and NAFTA ... I have never been a fan of Zebco/Quantum ... I think zebco should have stayed with the 33 ... at least it seemed reliable .. I tried various models of their reels ... Took them all back, became a shimano man and have never had a problem....
  5. It shows corporate America's state-of-mind. Hire cheap, use cheap materials and make it looks nice so you can put a high$ tag on it.

    I think FM mentioned the fact the in Japan they build the best tackle for themselves.......they have a sense of pride.

    Zebco is just one example of this crap, there are MANY more in the American? I'm sorry, but I'd rather buy something that will last.
  6. I think companies make products in other countries and market them in america becaue the labor is cheaper in other countries, thus the profit margin is higher when sold here... Although I believe in buying american made products, supporting american workers and families .. American buisness was founded on the free enterprise system, and american buisness' really don't pound out quality products for the most part .... I can't see where giving a country that exploits workers, and women and minorities, money helps anyone but the rich in other countries. I understand that we demand quality products and in this day and age nearly everything is imported or has parts in it that are. If I had the choice of buying a Jap real that lasted a lifetime or an american that lasted 3 years .. I would buy american .. I still remember peal harbor .. and yes this american does hold a grudge... I would rather not fish than fish with something made in france ....:D :D :D :D I hope no one takes this too seriously .. just a little political venting ....:rolleyes: :rolleyes: Except for the france thing ...:D :D :D :D
  7. Hi,
    You guys blast American Products and you use Japanese and you blame it on the Liberals.You must listen to Rush Limbull.We all made this happen.
  8. Wait......WE made American companies make cheap products?

    Look how far behind we are:

    Our cars.....the new thing is European styling and kids are building up rice burners instead of REAL muscle cars.

    We are just now starting to accept foreign ways of fishing....why? They out produce.

    Maybe corporate America needs to evolve.........all they are worried about is profit now and not repeat business.

    Look at lures.....newer style crankbaits like Yo-Zuri, Mega Bass and Lucky Craft. It took me a LONG time to get a fish on a crank bait......first time I used a after the other. First impressions are usually the only impression.

    No matter if I'm taking a reel out of the box or the car from the garage, if they start rattling why would I buy another?
  9. Where is the good ole american pride:confused: :confused: :confused: America is the greatest nation on the face of the earth .. we support half the world in one way shape or form ... You buy american products to preserve our way of live, and the standard of living of yourself and your neighbors...
  10. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE our country.......wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

    I'm a big fan of customer service and believe that putting out a good product is part of good customer relations. Some American products don't have a record for being real reliable, yet seem to thrive?
  11. I have only owned one quantum reel in my life, a spinning reel and the handle snapped off on about the third retrive I made with it.....If I could afford one I would still like to have a 430 Big Iron
  12. I have heard that too Jim

    Just wasnt sure if i heard it for a fact..or just rumors yet?
    Ok i'll be the first to ansewer.."why buy Japanese?"..because they are BETTER..easy answer...why not buy American items and help the country grow? I do buy a lot of american items for every day use around the house, ect. but for fishing the REELS i choose are mostly either JAPANESE named, sold bu American Shimano or other companys..BUT my favorite RODS are AMERICAN made.
    Look at buy an american high quality rod(say St. Croix) what does this rod have on it..japanese FUJI guides..the best there is!!
    If american companys would put out a great reel, i'd be using one now..but they dont!
    Look at the most favored cat reel..the ABU GARCIA 6500..its made in SWEDEN!!! not American..only reel i can think of off the top of my head is PENN..i personally think if you are a boat fisherman, thier OK...but i think they suck bad...i wouldnt own one!
    Most of the products we use every day might have american companys selling them..they might even be assembled in the USA..but the parts are made in some other country...even a HONDA car thats made right here in owned by JAPANESE...and i know for a fact that there is parts on them cars that are shipped from JAPAN to the USA to be assembled on those cars(cause its cheaper to mass produce them over there than it would be to make them here).I used to work for a company associated with Honda and we did the same..but it was sold as AMERICAN made!
    Heck the machines i run at work are German, Swedish, Italian..but they are produicing AMERICAN products with where is the line drawn?

    Now as far as Quantum/Zebco products..i do own a lot of the Iron series baitcasters and love most favorite spinning reel WAS made by them too...the old ENERGY series was the best for its time period..i ran around and bought up a bunch of them when they stopped making them(still my most favorite smallie reel is an Energy E7-2 & EM7-2) When they released their Ti series i lost all faith in theier products..and havent bought another spinning reel from them since(and wont again)!

    MADCATTER..i have a lot of American do a lot of us..but America is all about MONEY..just like the people living here..or coming from other countrys to live here..its ALL about money...we will import things that can be made much cheaper over seas..bring it in the country and make 300% profit off it..its the American way!
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  13. not to burst any bubbles or anything...but,sometimes the products thats from japan are not infact made by japanese at all..just because the box or the label said its from japan, it maybe made someplace else.. just my 2cents..
  14. There is only one American reel that I have used that I will continue to use and buy more of, that is my Penn 975. Problem is, the price! I wouldn't have this one if it weren't for a good deal. It seems if you are looking for a good American made reel, you have to pay over $100. For a lot of guys that's not a problem, for the rest of us.......Abu 6500.
    Look at cars. What brand new from the dealer American car can you find with all options for less than 10K? Buy a Hyundai $120/month for all the goodies.
    GM can't make a sun roof that doesn't leak, or a sportscar that doesn't rust out at the door jams.
    Ford can't build an engine that doesn't leak at the valve cover gaskets.
    Chrysler is the only one that seems to be ahead of their time and seems to produce what is popular with Americans. For example they brought back the cool is that! They always seem to be up to date with modern styling and performance. My chryler has last 23 years, it's on it's last leg now. Never had an engine rebuild or anything, body is in perfect condition.
  15. At the rate its going, there will be nothing made in the US and everything made outside of the US.:(
  16. It's pretty bad when the fast food industry is one of the largest industries we have........(and most profitable.......what's that say about America in wonder many countries look down on us?)
  17. Great point BB. people need to slow down and take more pride in there work, instead hurry up and make a buck and send it over seas.
  18. I don't know it for a fact.

    But I don't think anything thing is actually made here. There's alot of assembly, but the parts come from all over the world.
  19. I work for a Japanese owned company in Ohio, that makes parts for another Japanese owned company in ohio, honda.......
  20. Jim your right..

    Most things are labeled "American Made" when i fact they are just assembled here..NOT made here.
    I think out of all the car makers..only Saturn is like 90% ALL american..most are about 1/2..if not less!
    If you look at most of the stuff we use normal life..3/4 of it is NON American made1
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