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Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by BottomBouncer, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. I've heard they are reintroducing Elk into Kentucky and have had a huntable populations and people could get permits.

    Are they still talking about reintroducing them into Ohio?

    Not that I would not LOVE to stay in state and hunt Elk.....but hitting deer is bad enough and we sure have enough of them?

    What have you guys heard or think about it? I know elk/car accidents are not the main consideration on this topic.......
  2. I dont think elk in ohio would make it not enough range for them to much concrete in ohio and still growing.Look at our whitetail population not enough habitat left to support what we have.Dont get me wrong i would love to see elk in ohio but i just can not see it.Drop ondr a letter and ask them straight up they will either tell you no or they fill you up with alot of bs.

  3. Slamming into an Elk at 55mph, owch!
  4. Michigan, pennsylvania, kentucky and tenn all have reintroduced elk. I think that it is a draw for residents only. The guys from pennsylvania say that the elk car collisions dont really happen. Not like whitetails anyhow.
  5. With them all around us, maybe in the future they will work their way here. Like black bears do...
  6. It wouldn't break my heart to get to hunt htem in the state, but man Elk at 55, that would ruin your day that is for sure.
  7. 2 questions

    Where on ohios roads are you only going 55mph:D :D :D :D 2nd .. what about the colision of Motorcycle VS. Elk ... OUCH

    Elk were once native to ohio, I say lets bring em back:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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  8. Not that I would hunt bear or mountain would be cool to have them back too.

    I think there needs to be a law that limits development so that we used or rebuild what we already have instead of tearing up more land/habitat.
  9. I think people drive 55 in town and ,cleared for take off everywhere else. Smaller car might be safe since they can drive under them.:D :D
  10. I know that Tenn. and Kentucky have been successfully reintroducing them. Ky. has had a very limited draw hunt for residents only for the last two seasons. Tenn does'nt have a huntable population yet, but they are working on it in middle Tenn. They seem to be adapting well, if we could only catch some poachers and make some examples out of them. I read a report a few weeks back where they had found 2 bulls and a cow that had been shot and just left laying. They did'nt take the antlers, no meat or anything. The report said the biggest was a 5x5 bull that weighed around 800 lbs.:mad: Another problem is neither state is getting any help from Virginia, in Va. they are not protected and are considered part of the deer family. That means that when our elk cross the state line into Va. they are legal game during deer season. I know of people in Va. that actually scouted for and hunted (some successfully) for elk instead of deer this season. And the real pisser is Va. has not and is not even considering an elk reindroduction progam.
  11. I think who ever shot those animals needs to be shot in the thigh and left in the woods. That's screwed up.........
  12. So does that make it legal to shoot elk if they cross over and you see one? I'm not saying I would but man would it be cool to see.