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Elk tactics

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Troph-E-Hunter, Jan 10, 2003.

  1. I am in process for applying for CO elk tag.

    I would love to hear some recommendations as to..

    as I have never been elk hunting. I have inherited a safari grade Model 70 Winchester .375 mag, but may purchase an Encore and get a .300 Win Mag barrel. I am applying to Gunyson in CO and have access to land and a private guide.

    Our group may go with bow, but I would rather go with rifle. I feel that a rifle will give me a better chance for success for a first trip.

    Any thoughts?
  2. All I can tell you is "spot & stalk". I don't know much more than you. That is the method I here everyone talking about. It doesn't do any good to sit and wait unless you have some pinpointed on a water hole or mud wallow.

  3. Find out from your guide what the conditions will be and how to prepare for all the variables...
    Don't go cheaply... if you need to purchase something for your trip buy the best or as close to it as you can. You'll be walking allot so high quality boots are a must. Binoculars will be as important as anything else you carry. Dress in layers so you can strip down and ensure you have some type of pack for your gear. Exercise now and start slow if your new at it... Watch tapes of Elk hunts and look at what you would like to harvest and burn it in your brain, you don't want to take an lesser animal due to not knowing what you wanted :eek:
    Shoot shoot shoot till you know your gun better then your wife or girlfriend or both :confused: ;)
    The better you prepare now the more you'll be able to hunt proper and have a great time. Your guide will let you know what style of hunting you will be doing. Find out if anyhting else is in season and plan to purchase or submit for more tags. Many times those extra tags will save a trip ;)
  4. troph-e-hunter,i'm not sure about plugging another site while on this one but i do know that planning an elk hunt is a BIG job.
    go to the Hunter information systems site,click on the talk forums,then go to the elk hunting section and ask there.i've been a member on that site for over a year now and those guys are really helpful on ideas and advice on elk hunting.
    myself and 3 friends are headed west this year to hunt elk.when i decided to go i knew zilch about everything that dealt with elk hunting.those guys have really been a good source of advice.there is even a section where you can read outfitter reviews from every state and canada.
    i absolutely cannot wait to get out west.i've been working a side job for over a year now to be able to afford it and i think it's gonna be worth every penny.tagging one would be the icing on the cake for me!
    if i can help you out with anything just give me a shout and i'll be more than happy to do what i can.
    p.s.,when you get on that site take the time to register.for some reason they don't open up much to un-registered folks.on occasion they have some peta people stop by just to do some hasseling.
  5. Best advise I can give

    Talk to your guide and find out exactly what kind of terrain you will be hunting. Being in Elk hunting shape for rough terrain will make your hunt much more enjoyable. What most think is in shape is and elk hunting shape is way different. The combination of thin air and steep mountians cannot be explained.

    To train find a hill so steep you almost have to go up on all fours and about 75-100 yards long. Were hunting boots and strap weighted pack on your back and go up and down build your endurance as much as you posibley can.
    Stay hydrated suprisingly you need to be concious of this always.
    If hunting at elavation take time to aclimate if posible.
  6. I would like to get a bunch together and go elk hunting ,bow style.Self guided type hunt .I know of a place in Colorado and its open to hunting and you can use over the counter license.As long as you stay up in the mountains it does not cost a arm and a leg and there are plenty of Muleys and Elk.Near Grande Junction.
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