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EHD in your area !?

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowhunting' started by cupan3, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. IMG_7024.jpg IMG_7025.PNG Been hearing a lot of reports from multiple people finding numerous dead bucks this year due to ehd... I hunt Columbiana Jefferson and Trumbull counties. Have you guys noticed a big hit to the heard?
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  2. Been lucky to only find 1 dead this summer and I don't think it was EHD. I can't say there weren't casualties but I've scouted most of the water sources where I hunt and haven't found anything. It will be interesting to see how the harvest ends up in the affected areas.
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  3. 10/11/17 Update virus confirmed_Joint ODNR ODA _final.pdf


    "Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD) has been confirmed in multiple Ohio counties this year. Based on reports of dead and/or sick deer received from the public, some of the hardest hit areas include portions of Belmont, Columbiana, Cuyahoga, Harrison, Jefferson, and Lorain counties. Since the occurrence of EHD can be very localized, and in some cases lead to significant die-offs, we encourage hunters to make more informed harvest decisions this season. Deer populations in some of the areas affected most severely by EHD will recover more quickly if hunters reduce their harvest of antlerless deer."
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  4. Thanks for the update.
  5. was in Columbiana county today at Highlandtown. Saw one dead deer in one of the ponds. Couldn't tell if it was a buck or doe.
  6. A friend of mine scouted a new piece of land with one of his friends in Jackson county this past weekend. They found four dead deer...two nice bucks and two does. He also told me that he’s had a few nice bucks on his mineral site in Vinton county for months and last month he stopped getting pictures of any of them. I hope it was because the bachelor groups broke up and not because of EHD.
  7. There are many reports in the Jefferson / Columbiana areas. I'm afraid the big buck we have been hunting on our property in NE Harrison County is dead. Don't have him on camera for a while now and no sightings of him thus far this hunting season.
  8. We got hit pretty hard in Ross County around Paint Creek. Finally starting to get some bucks back on camera, but nothing like what I had before September. We had roughly 30 dead deer within a mile. I hunted opening day and only saw 1 doe. Hunted a cold front 2 or 3 weeks into the season and only saw 1 doe. Finally last weekend I saw 2 bucks and a handful of does, but the rest of my family was skunked!
  9. Im in sw vinton cty. 2 cameras out since july and ive only had 3 fawns, doe, spike, 4pt and 2 baskets. Bizarre and few pictures. Found one of the yearlings dead last week. One camera spot always had multiple older bucks and have not seen any. Population in our area has plumpeted the last 10 tens to nothing. Feeders (hardly touched last year) and food plot. Strange. im also sick of the excessive leasing around us and 2000 acres clearcutted in past decade.
  10. Those deer just might be all living in those clear cuts. I watched what I would call a whole herd of deer live in a one year old clear cut last year avoiding all of the hunting pressure in the woods to the south. Entered the cut before light and didn’t leave till dark. I hunted on the other side of the cut and watched deer in there every single hunt there. Mature bucks, yearlings, does, fawns all had their clump of blackberry or downed tree they bedded in. Changed my few of deer habitat upside down. Never would have thought a 1 growing season cut would hold so many deer.

    I’ve heard and read reports that Vinton is growing some quality deer and quite a few of them. I’d look into what your neighbors are up to. If you do the math for the size of your county and the number of deer harvested. They are there. Less than prior decades no doubt but they are there. The leasing affects all of us. Paying 100s for a lease to hunt deer seems almost comical to many of us but it’s what the “hunting industry” has defined as success that drives it. Gotta keep up with everyone else’s inches. No different than most other areas of life. Good luck to you and hope the hunting turns around for you.