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Easy plot

Discussion in 'Whitetail Deer Habitat' started by bywayofthearrow, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. Here's my game plan for spring. Any input to save money or make the process any easier is appreciated!

    I have a nice piece of private I can hunt that is relatively small but in a great area overall. I have the green light to plant any trees or food plots I would like. There is a powerline running across the property I would like to plant clover and maybe chicory. The plan is to mow/weed wack all the grasses currently growing on the powerline down as short as possible then spray with whitetail institute arrest max. Is there a best time I should do this process? I would like to cut rake spray and broadcast in the same day if possible. I will be able to comeback as needed for repeat spraying. I plan to purchase a backpack sprayer. Anyone have a favorite that is affordable? For seed I have looked at some of the whitetail institute blends and am considering one of their clover blends. As far as ph anyone have a suggestion on a quick soil test kit? I will be liming accordingly. This will be my first plot. Picture below is the powerline. It's about 20 yards wide and the strip I want to plant is about 100 yards long. Thanks in advance. ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1456341519.818313.jpg
  2. Best bet would be to do a controlled burn to remove the grass and leaves then get whatever sticks ya can out . Rough it up and broadcast seed .

  3. Guess ya could just rake the whole area too....if ya had time. Ya need to try to get to bare dirt tho
  4. When starting a new plot we always do 3 sprays on it Mid May, Mid June and late July. You will most likely have to mow it prior to the first spray, by looking at the pictures. I would then seed it with clover in August (wont grow good until next year) and first of September I would plant it in cereal rye. The following year I would frost seed clover in February, keep it mowed then broadcast with rye again next September. Wash, Rinse and Repeat. This is the easiest plotting method I have used after 15 years of experimenting. After you get it established it is pretty easy to keep it going. We do 28 food plots and used to experiment with everything known to man, but this works for us and the deer. The other thing is it gives you spring and fall food sources. Dont get discouraged with your clover the first year, it really comes in good the following year. If you want to save money, dont buy any seed with a picture of a deer on it. Go to a coop and get a mix of medium red clover, ladino and a few others. It is less than half the cost. Get a good seed coat to put on it also.

    If you dont go this route I do caution you to watch what you plant, I cant tell the direction that the ROW you are planting is running, but once those trees get leaves you need something that will grow well without a bunch of direct sunlight.
  5. I appreciate everyone's input! The property was heavily select cut about 10 years ago which you can kinda tell in the pic but there are a lot of openings in the canopy that should help with sunlight. Not sure what type but I've seen clover grow in almost complete shade? Would oats be any good considering the shade? I've seen a few plots on Midwest whitetail that are basically in the woods. Also in regards to burning I wasn't sure with those power lines if the landowner would want me torching it considering that would be a first time experiment.
  6. You need to wait till the weeds/grass are actively growing before spraying or you're wasting time and money. I'm not sure of the cost of the spray that you mentioned, but I would use round up until you get clover growing. As mentioned by another poster, I would spray about 3 times late May, June and then July. You should see very few weeds by that point. I wouldn't till as all you do then is bring up new weed seed that will take over the plot. Simply wait for a good rain forecast and broadcast the seed right before that. The rain will drive clover seed to proper depth. It would be ideal that the ground not be rock solid or dry when you do this. Whitetail Institutes Clover Seed is the best in my opinion. For the size plot you are talking 1 small bag should be all you need. Figure out the amount you have in acre, if I remember correctly the small bag does 1/2 acre. you will have deer hit that plot this fall as the blend has Berseem clover in it that takes off really quick and the deer love it.
  7. Is there a benefit in plot production in the fall by seeding in spring? I was thinking of doing the first spray shortly after green up and taking advantage of spring rains to get the clover going. Then repeat mowing/sprays over summer.
  8. If you want good solid personal advice from the owner of a food plot seed company PM me and I will give you my cell phone number. I don't plan on selling any seed on here and have no intention of trying to sell you anything. I honestly don't care who's seed you buy. I would likely make very little money on the little bit of seed you would use anyway. I just like helping people and will give you straight up honest answers (I'm not saying your getting bad ones on here) which is why I prefer to do it over the phone which is quicker so it uses up less of my time. In a whole lot of cases you don't need to spend the money on blends like mine and in some cases what you can buy at the local co-op is actually better than what is in the bag of these brand name blends.
  9. You can do it that way but you WILL fight weeds the first year. If you use selective herbicide that wont harm the clover you would be okay. Mowing will help will help with broadleaf weeds but not grasses....
  10. Save yourself a bunch of money by purchasing glyphosate and Clethodim from Rural King. You will need to also get crop oil for the Clethodim. Spray with 2 quarts per acre of Glyphosate at green up let things green up then spray again.

    Broadleaf weeds can be controlled with mowing your plot. Spraying with Cletodim and crop oil will control the grasses that will come up in your plot.
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  11. I have planted a lot of plots...

    How I would tackle that area is knock the weeds to the ground now. Mow, string trim do whatever but i would do it now. Then spread a bunch of lime... (Get it tested if you want I just throw a some every year.) When stuff starts to grow 6 inchs tall spray it.. Disk and drag it. When it grow up 6 inches spray it again give it a weeks then drag and seed. Clover cereal grain chickory is IMO best... If you want do strips of the above and strips of brassicas/suger beets or use sorghum, viney soy bean, winter pea in the center.. What ever you want.

    All can be planted in the spring. You will have some weeds in the spring but really so what. The longer your plots are grown the less weeds year after year.

    The cereal grains will need trimmed down... I then re-seed in Aug. I aerate it heavily before I re-seed it. I reseed with cereal and clover.

    Seed??? It doesn't matter if you want to pay for the cool kid stuff or get it from you local feed and seed. I get some from feed and seed stores and some from the D & T Exbo.

    Roundup... I use commercial grade. Lesco..

    An ATV with a sprayer works well or I use a back pack sprayer. It works well $120.
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  12. Will Lesco kill grasses as well as weeds? And can you use it while the plot is actively growing?
  13. I own a small grounds care business so when I buy fertilizer roundup seed I buy it commercially and usually buy it from Deer Landscapes of lesco. You can spray it over clover to kill the broadleaf weeds it will burn the clover and as long as it is not sprayed on heavy the clover will come back. I usually spray in August when I am doing my replanting or overseeding.

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  14. Just be careful, if you are using any glyphosphate over existing clover. We mix 2 oz per gallon typically in our boom sprayers and you will get speckling of the clover. I dont like to do that if it is really dry because there is a good chance to kill the clover for the year. I love clethodim for grass control, especially in july when the crab grass, fox tail and other late season annual grasses typically start growing. I just finished my spring frost seeding this morning. We put down over 250 lbs of clover on 28 plots.
  15. Yea, you want to go light on clover with the roundup.. With backpack sprayer you can do that... A quad 6 foot sprayer you can't be as careful.

    I don't use much else with plots.. I plant my mix in the spring, spray then aerate then plant in the fall... Frost seed clover then assess what need done from there.

    Plots don't have to be Television perfect.
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  16. Lesco is a selective herbicide formulated to not harm grass.
  17. No, that's not true... Lesco is a company that makes & sells mowers, spreaders, and FERTILIZERS/Chemicals.... Not a certain fertilizer
  18. ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1468639020.927623.jpg ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1468639032.031426.jpg

    Update on the plot. Got a nice curvy plot shaped with a bunch of potential licking branches on the sides. Second pic was after testing out the weed eater which worked awesome since it was all grass and weeds. Finished plot is probably 70 yards long. I'll have to take a pic when I go back due to running out of time today.

    Sprayed the plot twice with gly. Not sure how long it will take to kill everything? I'm hoping to have it in most likely clover and rye by the season opener. I have access to a tiller I'm planning on using to prep the ground before broadcasting. I created a couple trails towards some bedding areas to hopefully funnel them into range as they travel to the plot. A wind out of the east or SE is all that will work for this property since its less than 20 acres.

    If you haven't messed with a weed eater in your hunting areas i would highly recommend it. Private land only obviously. Creating new small trails that cross at 15 yards up wind from my stand will hopefully pay off.

    More pics to come.
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  19. The weeds should be dead and crispy in around 3 weeks. Be careful with tilling (especially on a new plot) and dont get to aggressive. Many times dormant weed seed is below ground and tilling allows it to germinate. If you can get what you have now brown and crispy see if you can find a way to just remove this dead foliage. To plant clover and rye you do not need a seed bed, just seed to soil contact. I bought a 6' pull behind tiller a few years ago and managed to go to deep and create a bunch of new weed growth. I lightly disc my plots after spraying and that seems to give me the best balance. Also keep in mind that you may have to spray again this year prior to planting. There is another round of late season annuals that usually doesnt come on until late July. Late season foxtail can be a real pain in the butt. Hopefully many of these annuals had started growing and maybe you got them with this round. I checked my plots today and plan to spray the 1st weekend in August and then seed Labor Day with Rye.
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  20. Is early sept the sweet spot for planting rye? I'm trying to decide exactly what all to plant. I definitely want to get the clover started and have been thinking of either oats rye or possibly wheat with it. There's no ag in the nearby area so maximum season long attraction is what I'm looking for. I've thought about expanding the plot next year to make it more of a destination plot then adding a couple smaller finger plots near it for kill plots. I can expand it to probably 150 yards down the powerline. I kept it small and added trails to it so hopefully it can serve as a social sweet spot for the rut this year.
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