Early heads up......2nd Annual Scio Sportsmen Coyote Contest..Flyer attached

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  1. Last year we had 18 teams participate, looking to increase that number this year. We have tweaked a few rules, most notably the entry fees will be divided by the number of coyotes checked in and each dog will receive an equal bounty. We will also have a "big dog" contest, $5 per hunter on each team and total pot goes to the biggest kill (by weight, digital scale used).

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  2. Physical address for the club is:

    Scio Sportsman's Club
    89460 Cemetery Road
    Scio OH 43988

    40°23'41.9"N 81°05'57.8"W

  3. looks like a good time! wish I could come out. knock some down for me too. I have only gotten two this year.
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  4. Kill them all, mother doe will reward you! Good luck hunting and be safe.
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  5. Just wanted to update this with a bump! Signups are this Friday, 5-7pm, Scio Sportsman's Club Cemetery Road, Scio OH 43988. Have teams already registered with more expected to come.
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  6. We ended up having 15 two-man teams sign up for the coyote contest. Three coyotes were checked in on Sunday. One team killed two a 38.72 pound male and a 31.28 pound female. Another team checked in a 37.74 pound male.

    The big dog pot was $150 and we had $300 total in the bounty pot so each coyote received a $100 bounty. The winning team took home $200 in bounty $ and $150 for big dog. The second placed team took home $100 bounty for the 37.74 pound male.

    My partner and I hunted hard all weekend. Had many vocal responses. Called one in friday night about 10:30pm. I had his eye shine with the scan light and when i activated the gun mounted light he was just out of range of the light to take a responsible shot. The scope I currently have on my 5.56 16" AR is a 1x4x24 so it doesn't gather much light.

    Just FYI all three coyotes that were checked in were responding to some sort of rabbit distress. We had another group that had four coyotes come in sunday morning to rabbit distress but their shooting was sub par to say the least. Hahahaha. All in all everyone had a good weekend of hunting and we finished it up Sunday at check in with a couple roasters full of shredded chicken and sloppy joes plus the Daytona 500 on the 65" TV at the club.