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Dove season off to a good start

Discussion in 'Ohio Small Game Hunting' started by fullstrut, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. After putting 13 birds in the freezer yesterday, we went back to the same spot, and easily seen over a hundred dove, only got 13 to go in the cooler, should of had a few more.

    Had the best shooting in 2 days, then any one season in the last 5 seasons.

    I guess the dove season hasnt hurt the dove population at all.:bouncy:
  2. That's awesome Are u hunting a public dove field

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  3. Public or private? Im interested to see where guys are killing doves, cause I aint seen many yet.

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  4. I got my 15 sat., 10 on sun., and 11 yesterday. All from public fields. Have seen the most doves I've ever seen the last 3 days.

  5. Actually we killed 17, not 13 on Monday. This was public land, but they didnt really do anything as far as planting this year.

    Usually this place gets hit pretty hard Labor day weekend. Didnt go there first day, but Sunday and Monday, seen 2 guys Sun., and 1 yesterday.

    May try again this weekend.
  6. Are you guys using decoys? Ive been thinking about giving doves a try. But im not sure where to start. Any tips?

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  7. Just stoot them. No need for dec's...
  8. Deehntr56

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  9. got out again today for a few hrs and got 6. One was banded. First band of any sorts. Was banded on 7-23-12 in Warren county, shot it in Greene county. Great yr so far.

  10. Nice. Didnt know some doves are banded. Thats interesting. Really hadnt been looking, but I think we would have noticed a band.

    Dont remeber seeing so much dove activity as this year. Sure is costing me some extra $$$$$ I hadnt planned
  11. My son made me take him and his buddy out again this evening. We got a late start, and when we got to our honeyhole, 2 guys were already lighting them up.

    We set a couple hundred yards away, and got a couple slop birds. After about an hour, they packed up and left. We hurried over to the spot, and got some last minute shooting in, ended up with 8 total.

    38 birds after 1 week of the season is by far the best we have ever done. Goona switch it up and go at first light tomorrow.:bouncy: