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My buddy and I went out opening day and killed these two nice gobblers...was a crazy hunt with the cold windy weather. Didn't hear gobble from the roost.. Had one hen come into the decoys around 8:45am then heard a couple toms shock gobbles in the woods behind us. About 10 mins they were in the field but they were out of range so we had to let them walk...went down over a hill out of sight (thought hunt was over!!) and circled back around and came right back in and attacked our jake decoy...my buddy shot the first, then passed off to me and i shot the second...the third one just kept on attacking the two birds we just shot...if we would have had a third guy we would have tripled-up...best turkey hunt i have ever been involved with...and captured it all on film...will never forget that hunt.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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