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Doe in Heat Scents Work? Or Calling??

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowhunting' started by Muzzy125, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. Doe in Heat from a deer farm

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  2. Doe in Heat from a Store

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  3. Can Call

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  4. Grunt Call

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  1. I have been skeptical over that last few years if doe in heat scents really work. Last year I used a doe in heat scent that i bought straight from a deer farm, and I have used Tinks 69. Both with results, but do they work or was it calling??

    Last years buck hit my drag stick, I can called him and he came down to about 100 yards and then cut back in the woods. He went back out of the woods where I first saw him about 150 yards away and began again sniffing where i started my drag stick, but next i grunted once loudly and brought him in for a 15 yard shot. This was the stuff I bought from a deer farm.

    Tinks 69 i had one hit my drag stick and came right in for a 10 yard shot and the second one, wondered up with the wind blowing the tinks in the direction he came from. Neither of these deer i called. So i think they work but i have had years, and seems like different woods only a couple miles away that it has no results (doe in heat scent).

    Out of the three bucks i have shot with a bow 2 out of 3 have came in with scents and the other one needed help with alittle calling.

    What is everyone elses theory, beliefs, or stories? Figured this would be good to cover before the season starts for some people that are 50/50 on using them....
  2. I hardly ever call to start things off. I always put a good amount of Doe in Rut from Tinks out. It never fails. Once I get them in, I sometimes call/grunt/rattle at them to get to them to move closer and give me a better shot. But in my opinion the piss works best. But thats just me.

  3. I dont know really. Probably a combination. Its hard to tell, because we have such limited time to do it, and actually try it on a relatively small number of deer, its hard to gain enough data on enough animals to make an accurate assessment. Not saying it cant be done, just my two cents.

    I think a big factor, however, is an individual deers mood and personality, coupled with environmental conditions, such as location and time of year.

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  4. i have seen say in the morning during the rut i use doe in heat with no results or actions from passing deer, but that same day in the afternoon there is action.

    I have hunted the same woods for years (10) and i still cant tell what does the trick and what not. Really i guess my theory is with JB...Mood of that particular deer at that time, because he could be receptive later that day or next day.
  5. They all have worked for me.... It is all about timing..
  6. I have been having good luck with buck bomb doe in heat. Not setting the whole can off, just spraying it on a drag and wicks. The buck I got last year came in on a string in a 30 mph wind. He got to 40 yards when he picked up where I had walked with the drag. From there his nose never left the ground and as he passed my tree at 5 yds I took the shot. You have to catch them in the right mood. Just like a gobbler. He may pay you any attention today, but coming running tomorrow.
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  7. Try the doe in heat bubble gum. It works awesome!
  8. Ive tried them all code blue, tinks, the "fresh" stuff. The only thing that has consistantly worked for me is early season scouting and sitting still. I hunt on private land and honestly believe the bucks in the area I hunt know enough about the does that bottled doe urine scares However I have talked to hunters that swear it has brought in two year old all depends on the area and mood of the deer. If I was to pick one scent for drawing bucks it would be pre-orbital gland scent combined with active scrape.
  9. Awesome post.

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