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Doc .. a IL observation

Discussion in 'Ohio Catfish Anglers' started by Erie, Dec 27, 2002.

  1. I'd say the main course for our cats is Shad ~ but to satisfy their Sweet Tooth from midnite to a lil' after dawn they'll be munchin' Craws on the rocks high & tight to the shore .. I've caught many over the years on cranks at dawn & you can see them when creepin' along with the ETM .. some are very large & nearly out of the water .. Pew rock pier & South is where I've seen the largest no#s. As you cruise the main lake in the **daytime** across the mostly 6-7' area you'll past many stumps stickin' up from the bottom 2-3', more in some areas than others, when I work these stumps for sUMo eyes I catch probably more sUMo cats (8-15lbs) on both Cranks & Traps trollin'. Also I've mentioned before that we get into some sUMo cats around the breakline of Tri that lay in wait of a easy Shad meal on the downwind side

    I don't really target .. the above is just from bein' on IL fishin' for many years & you can call me all wet if you want. Also I only fish about 20-30% of IL's total surface area hard & was forced due to low water to learn another area this year .. it wasn't the main & that's my 99% home base though the trollin' season & the 1% would be a side trip to A-Hole breakline
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  2. Erie, are you saying these patterns will work during the winter monthes, or in the more traditional cattin monthes of spring thru fall

  3. Jack ...

    the above observation time frame was from apprx mid-may to mid-Sept .. post spawn L-bass that have worked their way out to the main lake rocks/I-trollin' season .. June/July has seemed to be the peak time of the large cats I've gotten into/seen.

    PS .. I don't cast the rocks often after dark anymore, but I do troll alot after dark in July & Aug & rarely catch a cat after dark .. those hazy or overcast days for the open lake breaklines or dawn on the rocks castin' .. I did work the rocks castin' one night last may & was into sUMo C & Is fishin' windy rocks .. that's one thing I didn't mention ~ I think the Crabs get shook loose out of the rocks by the waves & are a easy meal, but even with calm water I've seen them cruisin' the shoreline
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  4. Stop over sometime Jack ...

  5. Ray

    Your not all wet that's some good information that you gave out, thanks now ifin I can figure out where Pew rock pier & South is I'll be doing great, I'm still coming up there in the spring and "kidnap" you for a day on the lake so you can show me places there, I'll wait till we get some good rain and the lake is high..........Doc
  6. When's that big cat tourney in the spring normally scheduled? Checked the IL page and it showed only a summer one.