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Do you like quitting at Noon

Discussion in 'Ohio Turkey Hunting' started by Nut, Dec 23, 2002.

  1. Do you like quitting at noon during spring turkey hunting? Or would you like it to be later? Why?

    A couple of years ago I would have said that I would like it to be at dusk. After the last few years quitting at noon has become enjoyable. Since I camp out while hunting and take the whole family it gives us quality time together. We do a little shrooming along with some groundhog hunting. (Next spring I will be trying some yote hunting too). Taking a fishing pole to a pond,gathering wood up for the campfire,etc,etc. Of course then there is the time to do some scouting to locate the roost of a few longbeards.

    I love turkey hunting but my experiences are enhanced by doing other things.

    It also allows the birds to relax a little
  2. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod


    I'm usually ready for a nice nap by noon!

  3. It's ok with me I need to get to 2work around that time. So I have the morning to hunt. They seem to move less in the heat of the afternoon too. But I have seen them in the afternoon also. But I'm ok with a noon time.
  4. It's ok with me. I just go out and get a few groundhogs or get the boat and hit the lake.:p
  5. I don't mind quitting at noon. After going out early and sitting there, if theres no action I am usually done about 10:30 or 11:00. Things usually seem to calm down around then.
  6. I like the noon quit. I get some lunch then hit the lakes and rivers.
  7. I guess you can say that since it's been that way since I can remember here in NY, I don't mind it either. After getting up at 3:30am for several mornings in a row, I like to able to go home at noon and take a long deserved nap!!:p
  8. turkey at noon

    I think we should be able to hunt till 3. Most hens are done breeding by 11 or so. And the gobblers are ready to go. At least the real big ones are.:D
  9. Noon works for me ! After getting up before day light I need some rest by noon Bill
  10. Hey guys, I've never turkey hunted in Ohio, only deer, but here in Tenn. we can legally hunt all day. I've taken some of good toms on afternoon hunts. Most of the hens go on the nest around 10 or 11 am and that leaves the gobblers out there without any female companionship and makes for some fun hunting. And besides that I work day shift and can get in a 2 or 3 hour hunt after work.
  11. Darn if I quit that late somebody will have to wake me up! :D
  12. I like it :D
    Besides afternoon shroom hunting and fishing for supper I like the idea that I can toss down a couple brews and BS the afternoon away... spring season is very enjoyable just the way it is;)
    If I had anymore fun I'd....... ;)
  13. I always wind up following and finding new deer trails .
  14. Actually, after watching a few hunting shows, and seeing as how the season is shorter, I changed my opinion, and I would like to hunt all day. Is there a youth hunt this turkey season that lets you hunt all day? I thought I heard something about it.