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Do you just Tye to fish or fish to Justify Tying?

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Ok, to be honest I love fly fishing. I will say I tye more flies than I use in a year and typically give flies to my buddies. I tye because I love doing it. I am always looking for something new to tye and sometimes that can be frustrating. I guess I am just wondering if there are more guys like me around or if I am just a freak of nature...lol. I also take classes when I can find them. I have done beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes with Chris Helm in Toledo (Whitetail Fly Tying Supply) and I have done privates lessons with him for Bass Bugs (deer hair). Do any of you know of classes in the NE Ohio area that are ran well? So as the title says, which one do you feel is your driving force in our sport?
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I would say I tie to fish. Nothing I make is intended for anything other than a fish's mouth. I know some folks who tie "display flies" or "presentation flies" that will never see the water. That I do not understand. I don't care what I make, I want to see it be put to use. I wouldn't build a custom muscle car then never take it out of the garage. I think tying gives a competitive advantage, honestly, to fishing. I like the fact that I can come up with something that no other fisherman is likely to have or use. I think there's something to be said to showing the fish something they haven't seen before.
For me it's kind of a self perpetuating cycle. Initially I tied to fish but now it bounces back and forth. While most of the flies I tie will be destined for the water I will do some from time to time that will end up on display. I will fish those types of flies as well though. I really like the idea of fishing the classic flat wing streamers and northwest steelhead flies. I've got a handful of Jungle cock necks that are what are considered "fishing grade necks" that I will use. Best part is those types of flies actually work.

You mentioned you did intermediate and advanced lesson's with Chris. Did you do those as a one-on-one or in a larger class? I've done a deer hair class with Chris and talked to him this spring about coming up for additional lessons. He isn't offering anything in a larger class but I can come up for some one-one time. I need to give him a call to schedule something up, there is SOOO much to learn from him!

Have you attended any of the John Rochus things a Sippo lake?
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I tie to fish. however, the fish seem to think my stuff is better suited for a shelf somewhere.

I do like the creative aspects though.
Sorry about dropping the ball guys. Got hung up with work these last few weeks.

Lance- I have done both Larger (5 people) and 1 on 1 with Chris. He is a great guy and always strives to make you better or give different points of view. He is gearing down with classes and mail order to accomidate some sort of retirement. I have known him for about 5 years and I use to live closer which is when I took his classes. I still go up ocassionally and always stop in. What kind on 1 on 1 are you planning to do with him?

I haven't done any classes with John. I seem to always get the list of classes late. I would like to get in on some though. I finally have a job where I can focus more on my tying again. :bouncy:

Cream- I agree with your view on tying for the satisfaction of catching fish with my creation. I also think that the occasional satisfaction of seeing my work as an expansion of my tying bench is gratifying also though.

I'm was talking to him about doing kind of a next step on deer hair. There are sooo many things you can learn from him though. We had him out to presentation at our club and he happened to be sitting next to me while we were doing the tying session and he showed me a couple little things to speed up what I was doing that were really simple.

Yep, I know he's not taking any new customers and has pulled back on some of the shows and stuff. He helped me out alot with rounding some stuff up earlier this spring. It will be a sad day when he retires completely. His stying supplies are second to none.
I hear you there. I am not looking forward to not being able to purchase from him any more. Not to mention no more lessons. I think Wayne and Glen are kinda lined up as his buy out. Not sure on that but I know Chris and Wayne are great friends. It was kinda hinted around about a few years ago. I know I will miss Chris and the great help he has been to me in my tying career. I told him last month when I went up that tying kept me off of Bell Towers...lol. I am a former Marine and we are kinda known for that stuff...lol. Are you tying your own Bass Bugs now? (Deer Hair) I am working on my deer hair skills again. I don't think I tyed one for about a year and a half. My last bug wasn't bad, but my stacking deffinately needs to improve. I used to be able to put nice gills on my bugs but now they look like crap. Practice Practice Practice
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