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Do you ever get checked for licences?

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by K gonefishin, Jan 8, 2003.

  1. I for 1 have only been checked once in my like and I remember my dad getting checked out on the Lake many years ago. What is the deal with odnr or rangers not checking licences. I fish at least 1 day a week in the winter and the rest of the year 3 times a week and hunt a whole lot too. I even have a boat and still never get checked. I fish some popular spots to and I would think I would get checked. The state guys or whoever has seen me with stealhead on stringers and coolers full of perch and nothing what gives. I know for a fact there is alot of people fishing illegally and personally hate that. They should start checking more. Down at the Rocky my home river where I am all the time see the guys drive by and look but they must be too lazy to get out of there cars and trucks and take a a walk to the fords and start asking around. In my opinion they should just hire some lower paid guys to have a job to check licences and that's it. They probably feel they are too good to do it or something.
  2. i hunt mostly private and i never got checked for tags and license....BUT i have them!!

  3. During the fall perch season,The guys in green set up on the Vermilion River and check every boat that comes thru.They count all your perch and check your liscense.They are also hot and heavy at Hot Waters in Lorain during the perch run.
    The problem is once they check a few,The people who have been checked,get on the radio and let everyone know they are there.They still get quite a few poachers though.They are very visible at certain times of the year.
  4. I have been checked for fishing license at least 15 times in my life and 10 times over the last 7-8 years.

    This has been ice fishing on Indian and St Marys, Boat fishing Alum once, the other times have all been while fishing Erie.

    I've also been checked twice in Canada and once each on Lake Ontario and Lake Michigan.

    In addition I've been checked by the division of watercraft in Ohio on three different occasions

    I have only been checked once ever for a hunting license.
  5. I have been checked 3-times for fishing license..Last year two wardens walked at least three miles back a toe pathe and thru the woods to check me while fishing a secluded spot....Only been checked once for hunting.....And this is in 30yrs.
  6. 1 time for fishing and one time for hunting.but i never leave home without 'em. K wanna get checked?go to buckeye lake on a saturday afternoon this summer and get your first experience:D i can almost gaurantee if you sit at fairfield beach,you'll get checked:D i have never been checked there,but used to go every saturday with my ex-girlfriend and her mother,and almost everyone around me was checked everytime,but i never was.since the office is right there,it's real handy for them;)
  7. Oh yea. I hunt mostly the Union/Madison Cty. area and not only does the Game Warden stop if he sees you, but the Sheriff, and the local cops will check you out. But this is pretty much during gun week. The rest of the season, I don't see anyone.
  8. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod

    I've been checked twice in the past 3 years for a hunting license. Once while grouse hunting some coal land in Guersney county and once while hunting pheasant on state land. Never had my fishing license checked.
  9. IMO I think the state guys are doing a fine job considering the state cut backs ( layoffs ) & number of people trying to cover these large areas. I know at Mosquito lake there are only about 6 park rangers & no more then 2 on shift at one time ( except for summer holidays ) . Thats an awful lot of area for 2 people to cover ( over 7000 sq. acres ) & thats alot of fishermen to check.

    If you know of someone fishing illegally & you don't like it. I've got three words to say to you, " TURN THEM IN ". Don't blame the guys trying to enforce the laws, blame the guys breaking the laws. I always carry their phone number.

    These guys need help. If someone is doing something illegally, then not only are they breaking the law but they are ripping off you & I of the great fishing & hunting we have come to expect.

    I hope I didn't offend anyone.That was not my intent. I just needed to give my 2 cents worth.
    Bass DAY
  10. I was checked once last spring, simply because I was fishing along side the road on the Scioto. Easy target.

    Total, maybe 3 time? Two that I know of........
  11. Only time I've ever been checked was when fishing the Pennsylvania side of Pymatuning, and that was only because he saw the Ohio license plates. Never in Ohio.
  12. I have been checked about 7 times this year at grand lake, 6 by the same guy. Once even miles off the lake down in a creek getting chubs, scared the crap out of me he did. I see them at other lakes, even talked to them but never been asked anywhere else.

    I usually get checked about 5-10 times a year and it is usually early in the season.

  13. This last year was the first year I didn't get checked, but I also didn't get out as much as I had in previous years. In the past five times a year was not unusual. Most of the time it was local police or sheriffs and not ONDR/game wardens.
  14. Never been checked yet, but I won't be in violation.
  15. I have only been checked a few times in the last 10 years. Mostly checked when I was bowfishing.;)
  16. Hey Ðe§perado™, When you go after fish with a bow, do you need a fishing liscence and\or a hunting liscence? Just curious.

  17. Checks

    This is all in 2002

    Twice at Grand Lake St.Marys

    Once at Cowan

    Ten times at CJ Brown and these guys know me, always when I'm throwing a cast net

    Three times in Cincinnati on the river, boarded by Coast guard one time safety check 2am in the morning.

    Five times in Indiana on the river, boarded twice for a safety inspection and at 3 am in the morning both times.

    Once at Pike Island dam by West Virginia

    Somebody is doing there job!!!

  18. I have been checked a handful of times. most on lake erie, I would go to jail over someone boarding my boat:mad: :mad: I don't drink and I don't do drugs and that is what they are looking for IMOH ... just another excuse to search you under the guise of saftey... I had some fun at Hueston woods once over some pipe tobacco in a baggie .... it was in plain site they wanted to smell it and I said no. fun fun fun. I know they are just doing their jobs and they should be. I was a little POed the night at Hueston woods .. I had just been harrassed buy a bunch of punks, they turned over garbage cans through rocks in the water, used profanity, I thought I was going to have to shoot one of the idiots... now here I am an hour later getting grilled by a ranger. I would say that for the most part WOs are more down to earth that regular law enforcement though.
  19. Atleast they don't get in a big power trip like the cops do.....thinkin' they are Dirty Harry or something.....I hate that!
  20. I get checked

    About once per year..maybe only once every other year.I dont fish in areas most of the time where most wardens would want to go just to check my license!
    Ive been below Pike Island and watched guys who are from canton, fill 5gal bucket after 5 gal bucket all day long with game warden around..we have called them..they say they are too busy with the lakes(piedmont, clendening) to spend much time at the river..they said they'd stop down the next day..we were there from day break til warden showed up! GEEZ!....IDIOTS!