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Do you Chew, or Dip while deer hunting

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by flathunter, Jan 1, 2003.

  1. Yes I do

    23 vote(s)
  2. No I dont

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  1. I thought I would start this poll since there was one on smoking while deer hunting..I have always dipped Copenhagen while deer hunting...I am not a pro by no means but I have shot quite a few Ohio deer, most have been while dipping...Do you think it hurts?
  2. I can honestly say that at least 90% of the time that I am hunting, I have a chew of Copenhagen in my mouth.

    Never spooked a deer that I know of (from the chew), but I could have been winded and not know it, but I probably smell a lot worse than the chew (and it smells pretty bad).


  3. I dont want to touch the stuff, so nope!
  4. Good for you Lureboy, very addicting stuff, stay away from it..But I sure do enjoy it:D
  5. just about every time i am out hunting i have a chew in.doesnt seem to bother them one bit.
  6. I never have. I just figure why go to such extremes to keep your scent down with Scent Lok, scent-a-way spray, coon urine and the like. After being completely scent free and then have a big chew in just never made to much sense to me. I always put a big one in after the hunt though.
  7. not while huntin but nothin like a chew of levi after im done
  8. I dont chew on stand, Like Q2, I sure do enjoy a chew on the walk out, or just after I harvested a deer sitting in my stand waiting to go recover it. Just remember, Its not just the deer that you have observed that you could of spooked, but how many of the deer that you ddint see didnt come in because of it? If its only 1 deer, its one deer too many!! Pike
  9. Yes.....Skoal Mint Longcut.........;)
  10. Depends on the mood,i use to all the time but talked to a hunting buddy about it and he convinced me not to on stand ,but on the way out(always) or over my dead deer i will put in a big fat one.The only time i will a have a big one in on stand now is if i'm gun hunting or if some jacka comes walking bye all the time and blows your setup then its time for a big one.I have shot deer with a dip in and without a dip in.
  11. I don't smoke or dip, but to each his own I guess.:)
  12. The best answer I have seen:
    I always ask my clients if they smoke or chew. I hear the same old answer many times from the ones that do " I see deer all the time and they are never spooked" I always ask how much they spend on gear every year and how much time do they practice... After hearing their answers I simply state that why would they invest all that money and time then take a chance on spooking an alpha buck, once in a lifetime, by thinking wrongly as they do...
    I quit smoking at the bell for 2003 and even though I smoked (wish me luck on quiting) I never ever did in my hunting clothes, going to or from my stand or especially in it... Again do you guys that do really think your not spooking any deer? Sometimes the wind will be in your favor and you'll see a nice deer now and then but why take the chance? Younger deer you may see but mature deer will be far and few between;)
  13. I dont pay any attention to scent what so ever, dont try to mask it or cover it up..So I guess that is why I will chew while hunting.
  14. I usually have a pinch of copehagen in and havent visually spooked any deer but who knows, like Pike said I could be screwin myself and not know it. Ill have to work on it.
  15. atrkyhntr Congrats on quitting smoking. people will fine if they quit smoking they breath and smell things better. Hope you can do it. I hear it's hard.;)
  16. I smoke cigars & dip. I don't do it in the woods. When I work I dip Smoke other times. The deer can smell the smoke or hear me spit. So no I don't.
  17. THANKS Ðe§perado™
    I am going thru DT's as I type LOL
    It is not as bad as I thought by being 45 and having smoked for 28-30 years... Had a complete physical back in Nov and X-rays showed no damage to the lungs (X-rays are not all that great for detection but...) so I said it was time to give quitting my best effort... Any support from any source is greatly appreciated :D
    I am at that point where I could kid myself into having just one smoke LOL I promise not to give in :cool:
  18. Good for you!! Just keep it up. They say that your lungs and heal back up in a year. Also should be starting smell things better very soon.
  19. I dip copenhagen while hunting and I usually get a deer. So I dont think it hurts any at all.