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Do Trespassing and Written Permission requirements need to changed?

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Aimrite, Dec 30, 2002.

  1. Do Written Permission requirements need to changed?

    Do Written Permission requirements need to changed?

    I have found over the last few years many landowners refuse to give written permission while welcoming me with verbal permission. This has prevented myself and others from hunting these properties while others not willing to follow the law are able to hunt away.
    Is there a better way without infringing on private property rights?
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  2. Actually I wish PA. would copy OH. when it comes to this subject. Saves CO's and police alot of time. Signed permission slip= No problem, No signed permission slip = $500.00 dollar fine short ans sweet. The signed permission slip actually benifits the land owner, because by them and then you signing it, protects them from being sued incase you fall out of your tree stand. Maybe you should explain to the land owner that the permission slip if for the landowners benifit, , I would also recommend getting them to sign 2 of them and letting them keep a copy aswell. I would think that every lawbiding hunter would want to make it as easy as possible for law enforcement to enforce the law.Pike
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  3. Problems pike

    Most of landowners that wont sign dont want to hear it. Im sure that any hunter asking for written permission has explaned that they need it to legaly hunt and actualy helps there liability.
    .Our ODNR provides slips outlining all this Yet still many landowners are reluctent to sign
  4. Aimrite, well maybe that is the excuse they give because its easyier to say that then it is to say No. Its very hard for nice people to have to say No most of time especially if they like you but for whatever reason feel they must say or have to say NO. Pike
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  5. I dont bother with the permission slips anyway..If a landowner says I can hunt of fish on thier property, that is good enough for me...I have never been stoped or questioned.

    The law should be done away with and go back to the old way when verbal permission was all that was needed.

    I agree it just a bother for the landowners to sign the slips, and they are much more likely to let you hunt with just verbal permission.
  6. I'm with Flathunter. You can't be ticketed for trespassing unless the landowner or agent press charges. If you have permission and know the owner well, you have no reason for concern. I offer to be a trustee (keep an eye on things) for the landowner and always drop off a ham or turkey and some deer steaks and burger during the holidays. They always say it's not necessary but also appreciate the gesture and the fact you are making an effort. Permission slips are a formality and don't mean diddly unless you piss someone off or have a gamewarden who thinks he's God!
  7. I must say there are two adjoining properties to my farm which i am allowed to hunt (verbal permission.) One on each side of me. I have not asked for permission in writing from either of the other land owners. Have had no problems. All three farms have no incidents with tresspassers. We get no outside pressure from hunters, nor do any hunters ask to hunt our properties. Together we own 205ac. and are very rural in SE Ohio. I think verbal permission should be acceptable in similar situations.
  8. Im not sure if that is correct can somone clarify.

    The Penalty for Hunting Without Written Permission
    The maximum penalty for hunting without written permission of the landowner for a first offense is 60 days in jail and a $500 fine. The maximum penalty for a second offense is 90 days in jail and a $750 fine.

    A person must carry written permission at all times while engaging in hunting or trapping on private land and exhibit it upon request to a state wildlife officer, sheriff, deputy sheriff, police officer, other law enforcement officer, owner of the land, or the landowner ’s authorized agent.

    From what I always understood, if caught without written permission It does not matter what landowner says and automatic ticket.
    Can somone clarify this please
  9. Aimrite, You are correct !!! A wco, told me, that you could be the son of the landowner and if the son is not in possession of written permission he is getting a $500.00 fine. Pike
  10. I prefer to abide by the law. I don't have problems getting written permission, but i hunt on a friend's land. With this in mind, I don't think that changing to verbal permission will stop with the tresspassers that are always around, as they can just claim they had verbal permission. I don't mean to contradict, but I like the written permission.
  11. What I thought

    Pike, So everyone hunting without written permission is hunting illegally verbal or not?

    There gotta be a better way.
  12. I just get permission from the land owner and that should be it. But all the people that don't hunt or have land seem to be the only people for this nonsence.:p
  13. The written permission law IMO it doesn't work.

    Every landowner didn't feel the need to give me a slip, but did after I pressed the issue. They feel that it's his or her land and their word should be good enough.

    It doesn't deter (sp?) tresspassing nor does it deter poaching.

    Personnally I think it's another ploy to get $$$$.

  14. I have relatives that have large farms and will not turn down a hunter that wants to hunt.But they will not sign anything.They are plain afraid to do this no matter what it says.They are more comfy doing it like they have for hundred yrs.I had a hard time convincing them to sign mine even though I'm a relative.Otherwise I wouldn't be able to hunt on their land ,I told them,I go by the law.They reluctantly gave me writtin permission but only because I'm a relative.THEY are afraid of slick lawyers and they don't want to lose the farm.This signed piece of paper makes them nervous.
  15. The main reason ths all came about was to get the farmers to allow Sunday hunting. They wanted tougher tresspassing laws & higher deer harvest passed before Sunday hunting would pass muster. Many wardens wil not enforce the permission slips on certain properties but will if they see you in violation of a game law or rec'v a call concerning same... Be safe and contact oyur game warden then let him know about which landowner and many times they'll say they already know... Must watch that one or two or ??? that will nail oyur butt anyway!!!:eek:
  16. Tinkham brings up a good point. Many land owners dont like signing anything that could lead to some sort of legal matter down the road. Stranger things have happened. Also, many land owners still believe that their word is sufficient for permitting access. I mean really, what are the issues here? Trespassing? Poaching? Limiting the # of hunters? A signed slip wont prevent these actions. Most land owners I know (myself included) will simply call the DOW or police/sheriff should it be necessary.
  17. written permission

    I think what it basically boils down to is the sueing or lawsuit thing. Most all of the landowners that won't sign that slip are afraid of liability, and I can't blame them. I have heard of idiots riding 4 wheelers on someones land without permission (TRESPASSING), running into a cable across a path, getting hurt, and sueing. And these brainless judges making the farmer pay for medical,suffering, etc. , Just shoots your " written permission" in the rump. Nowadays if you get verbal permission on private land, your lucky, and some times asking them to sign a peice of paper is just pushing your luck.
  18. First off nice site that you have here!
    I am looking forward to contributing.
    I know many guys here from GFO.
    As far as the written permission goes,I too have found that many landowners are reluctant to write out a detailed written permission slip.
    What I do now is just to have them sign their name on the back of my license.
    In fact ,in years past I have had 4 or 5 signatures on the back of my license.
    Simple but effective,and it even passed the game warden test one time.
  19. STACKER you are dead wrong.If you are caught without written permission even on your brothers land he can not help you.been there done that.
  20. I go with the way it is now. It always leaves no doubt at all to a wildlife officer who is allowed permission or not. 99% of the time in my experience the landowner has no problem signing a slip of paper for me.(my problem is finding a landowner who will allow me to hunt).

    The way it is now helps keep the knowledgeable people from trespassing on others land. It even helps keep others off too or they leave real quick when they see another hunter there who has permission.