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I'll start off with a little background, my dad and I are both from Pennsylvania, and we've been hunting together since I was able to hunt. I am in my last semester of college, finishing up my master's degree and I was fortunate enough to not have classes friday-monday this fall so as a last hunting season together we decided to chase some whitetails in Ohio, in hopes of running into an Ohio Buck

Last fall we went on a hunt in Zanesville, paying the land owner $400 a day. I saw some small 6's and a 4 and a decent 8 on the last day but we went home empty handed, we decided we were not going to do this again and use that money for gas and board and hunt public land and take a crack at it ourselves. We hunted extended gun in Shenango Wildlife last December, saw lots of does but not bucks, and I wasn't interested in shooting a doe b/c of the hassle it is to bring it back to Pa, we seemed to have better luck than other people that weren't seeing anything, granted we walked for a solid 45 minutes deep along the swamp to where we were.

My question to everyone out there is there a game lands in Ohio you would recommend? My dad and I were looking at Dillon because when hunting in Zanesville the other hunters at the motel were talking with us and said they hunted in Dillon and have had a lot of luck there in the previous years.

Has anyone hunted Dillon and had a successful season there? Or would recommend another public area in Ohio? Or even know of a farmer that allows hunters on their property? I know this is asking for a lot and many thanks to whoever responds, you can PM if you like also.

Once again, thanks guys!
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