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Delaware Shooting Range Questions

Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Firearms' started by AuburnTigerOH, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. I was considering purchasing a year permit to the shooting range in the Delaware Management Area. Have anyone used it? Recommend or not? Need to sight in rifles and teach the kids to shoot.
  2. Just depends on how often your going to go. A daily permit is $5 and the yearly is $25. So if your going to go more than 5 times then get the permit. I buy the daily permit every time I go because I only go 2-3 times a year.

  3. I plan on going several times. 12 year old daughter wants to learn to shoot and 15 year old son needs some practice shooting airborne objects.

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  4. Seems like a nice setup, I drive by it almost daily. Never been there to shoot though. It seems to get pretty busy this time of year.
  5. Is there a range officer there? I know at different times there has been an RO and other times it was uncontrolled.

    One of the few times I've shot at a State range, they guys next to me were comical.
    There were three guys trying to figure out a muzzleloader. They'd load it up, then as they raised it up the lead ball would roll out of the barrel. They had no clue it had to be patched. I moved a couple of benches away.

  6. OMG. That is hilarious and scary all in one.

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  7. I've been there many times and there has always been a range officer on duty.

    I would have moved too, and that's funny a lot!
  8. This has probably been 15 years ago. I even think they moved or rearranged the range since then.
  9. i drive by it often, stopped in once just to watch, it's too short for my taste.
  10. On the west side of Delaware is a private shooting facility called BlackWing. They have several indoor pistol ranges, a pro shop with food, and several trap and skeet ranges.

    There are no "daily fees" and the folks who run it are great with new shooters. The club and clubhouse are beautiful, new, and monitored at all times to keep out the yahoos.

    I've shot at BlackWing a lot and LOVE the place.
  11. I have been going to the Delaware range since the early 70's. There were large chunks of time in the 80's-90's and 2000's where I didn't go much.

    I just started going there again on a regular basis.

    they have a rangemaster there all the time. It's open March to December, Wed to Sunday: 9:00am to 5:00pm. I got the yearly pass.

    There is a shotgun range that does not require a pass. The 100 yard rifle range and 50 ft pistol range require you sign in, show your pass.

    You can get REAL knuckleheads there. A few weeks ago, a guy in his 20's with his backwards baseball cap and his wife beater shirt....DROPPED his AK-47 style assault rifle...and it was loaded! It didn't go off, but he almost blew his head off.

    Back before they had a rangemaster, I saw guys there with fully auto Thompson machine guns, and Uzis. I've seen idiots go down range while they have loaded guns on the bench. Saw people who want to hold onto their loaded gun while people go down range. (and don't understand why people were angry with them.) I've seen morons have a missfire, and turn the gun sideways (pointing at everyone) while staring at the breech while they go " didn't go boom!" Had a guy with a bolt 410 shotgun at the pistol range, I said I wanted to go down range, so he placed his shotgun on the bench...and it fired..and blew the gun off the table and onto the ground. It seems to be better now that the presence of a rangemaster makes people think twice about what they're doing. But still, I'm always on edge there. Crazy irresponsible people don't wear t-shirts that say "crazy irresponsible person".

    Paper targets tin cans, no bottles, just paper. No indoor plumbing...just a port-a-potty.
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  12. I was just there a few weeks ago and a pair of gentelmen in their 50's decided to go get their targets while everybody was firing their guns. If it wasn't bad enoght they did it once on the riffle range, they turned around and attempted the exact same thing on the pistol range.

    That story you told about a misfire is pretty scary. Some idiot was robbing a store and the gun didn't fire when he tried to shoot the clerk. He looked down the barrel and pulled the trigger again to see what was wrong, you can assume how that ended.
  13. Admittedly I haven't been there since the rangemaster. But what is the purpose of the Rangemaster, if not to control the firing line?

    Just to check for the Range passes? Make sure you don't shoot a water heater or bottle?
  14. The fact that he is even there is enough of a deterant for someone to not break a rule. They have a strick 3 rapid fire rule. I can assure you, this would not be followed if he wasn't there.
  15. I had a chat with the rangemaster recently. He said people would shoot automatic weapons all the time, use a LOT more than the 3 round rapid fire rule. (Basically trying to pull the trigger so fast in order to make seem fully auto) People shooting tracers, people LOOKING THROUGH THEIR SCOPES AT PEOPLE while they check their targets!! People getting into fist fights. Said he had to kick people out at the shotgun range for shooting AR-15's.

    They have a wood ceiling type device a few feet in front of the benches that makes it a little difficult to shoot standing up. They didn't have that in the 70' you had people shooting standing up all the time. And you'd be SHOCKED at how often on a missfire, they'd point the gun down the firing line so they could inspect the breech. SHOCKED at how often it happened! I'll always remember my dad...a deep voiced baritone, would yell at these people to "POINT THAT DAMN THING DOWN RANGE!!"

    It also happens at the pistol range. If you're a right handed pistol shooter..which most's very easy to hold the gun in a casual manner, and have it point to your left...right at the rifle shooters. (or when inserting or taking magazines out)