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Discussion in 'Ohio Turkey Hunting' started by Nut, Dec 17, 2002.

  1. Do you use them and if yes how many? How do you set them up?

    I have 2 hens and a jake. I set them up with them slightly to my left.(I am mainly a right hand shooter) . How they face depends on a few things. Like terrain and what my cover is.
  2. I currently own and use three deeks. Two hens and a jake by Carry-Lite. I picked up a decoy bag from Midwest Turkey Call Supply and just sling this bag over my shoulder. This is much easier than trying to "stuff" them into your vest!! There is even room for the stakes. While not a 100% guarantee for success, I've had more positive responses than bad. Wouldn't leave home without them.;)

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    I have them and use them but I have not had the situation yet where I'm sold I must use them. I have featherflex, two hens and a jake. I hardly ever use the jake, only on private land. As far as set-up. Kind of spread them out about 5 yards apart.