Deercreek Saugeye?

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  1. When's the good Saugeye bite at Deercreek?
  2. A few guys have been catching a few lately. The biggest thing to watch is the flow coming out the spillway.

  3. Hey Josh, do you have any experience with saugeyes at lake Rupert? The forecast says it’s good fishing there.
  4. They should be biting pretty good this week with water temp getting a little warmer
  5. I don't even know where Lake Rupert is.. Lol. I've never went and targeted Saugeye specifically, but was wanting too. I know Deercreek is supposed to be a hot spot for them and it's not far from me
  6. What's the best bait and tactics?
  7. Oh, ok. I know you’re not to far from my place in Vinton county and lake Rupert is in the southern part of Vinton...right above Jackson county. Next time I’m out there and have time, I’ll have to hit up the local bait shops and find out what to use for saugeyes there.
  8. Hit me up.. Maybe we can wet some lines together
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  9. My place is close if rupert. They only stocked saugeyes for a couples of years a decade ago. Never heard of one being caught either. Rupert gets overun by the bass tournaments. Bank fishing is limited.

    There are NO bait shops. Supposedly there used to be one on the east side of Jackson thats possibly closed now. Ive gone as far as Snowden and down to Tycoon and there is no, known bait shops. We usually bring our minnies. One thing about the hills is the little creeks and chub minnows if you have a minnow trap.
  10. I've targeted saugeye quite a bit in the rivers in the southern half of the state. November and March would be my picks for time of year. A big part of it is being there when they're biting. Last hour of daylight is the earliest I would start and bring a headlamp to stay well after dark. They bite best at night. Getting there early you can scope out the flow for the likely spots to toss a bait. As far as baits grub and jig combos will always work. I like black or white. I really like some of the gulp minnows with a 4 inch plastic being ideal. You can work them on the same jig head as grubs. You only want enough weight to keep the bait near the bottom, not so much on bottom. Less weight better action. Hop it up let it flutter down. I like a really slow hop along the bottom. If your in shallower spots throw suspending jerkbaits in 4-6 inches. Work them slow with pauses. Good luck! I've caught a couple 24"ers. They're a fun fish!
  11. Guys help me,

    Which is the best route to visit at lake Rupert from Dundas Ohio. I'm just near Dundas.
  12. Are you serious? Lake Rupert is probably 5 minutes from you.
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  14. Ok I will play. Take 93 south then 683 north.
  15. Saugeyes are still stock every year in Rupert. If you check out Ohio Game Fishing site - central Ohio - someone posted the stocking records for Saugeye lakes in Ohio. 50,000 + fingerlings stock 2017.
  16. To be exact - 65,478 - 2017, since 2010 they have stocked 469, 030 fingerlings. I'm thinking of trying Rupert out. I fish Lake Logan a lot. Haven't caught any saugs this year yet. Just bass
  17. I tried to upload stock chart but no luck.
  18. Let us know how you do at Rupert. I believe the ODNR just placed a bunch of Christmas trees there for habitat. I think the district 4 headquarters in Athens has maps of where the trees were placed.
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  19. Thx I'm hitting Logan this week prob be atleast a couple weeks till I get that way