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Deer stand or couch on Sept. 29??

Discussion in 'Ohio Buckeyes' started by R. Toker, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. Now that the game time has been set for 3:30pm for the OSU/MSU game I'm torn about what to do. I was planning on heading out for the first day of archery season that evening but now I'd like to watch the game as well. What do you all think? Maybe I can watch it via my iPhone while in the stand? Now that's hunting!! :yikes:
  2. Deer stand, you can always look up the results of the game, but what if that deer of a lifetime decides to go for a walk instead of watching the game??:p

  3. I'd head out in the morning, come home, then head back out hunting for the afternoon/evening and DVR the game, or catch sports center!
  4. Saturday is my Friday at work. I work 8a to 4p on saturdays then I'm off until tuesday at 4pm. It's kinda like having three day weekends every week. :yikes: So I usually go out after work on the first day of bow season and sit until dark. I prefer evening hunts until the rut kicks in, I see far more deer in the evenings this time of year. I'll probably be up in the stand on the 29th, unless it's raining and windy, then my decision will be easy to make, Go Bucks!! :mischeif:
  5. Well since I will be at the game wearing green and white I won't be in stand haha. Go sparty

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  6. QUOTE=Sasamafras;604131]Well since I will be at the game wearing green and white I won't be in stand haha. Go sparty

    Outdoor Hub mobile, the outdoor information engine[/QUOTE]

    I want to apologize to you since it's obvious you were abused as a young child!! :p
  7. Don't forget your grocery bag to put over your head. Before you leave for the game, cut out the eye holes so you can see your team get the ***** kicked out of them.

    Just kidding, you know we all respect our opponents. Otherwise kicking their butt wouldn't be any big deal. I was glad to see that you guys were able to score against Notre Dame even thou you couldn't find the end zone. It's that large area right around the goal posts at each end of the field.

    Enjoy the game, and good luck to you and the green and white or what ever you call those colors.

    Oh yes, Go Bucks.

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  8. Steve

    Steve Staff Member Admin Mod

    I never let watching sports get in the way of deer hunting.
  9. Friends never let friends watch TV while there is Deer Hunting to do.
  10. Well, If Im not working I'll definitely be out there since UM scheduled a bye week specifically for my opening day:)
  11. i will be Im my stand..
    my team already spanked msu :D

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  12. I've decided I'm 90% on going out to one of my stands that evening. I can always keep tabs on the game via my iPhone. :thumbs_up: Good luck on your hunt! Look on the bright side UM can't lose on the 29th. :mischeif:
  13. It's usually too warm for me so I watch football and get work done until after a few frosts...haven't hunted prior to the 3rd week in October for probably 10 years or more. Most I do is scout my spots from afar with my scope. I am a lousy early season hunter....I can at times locate a deer I would like to out a tag on, but I can never seem to get close (I treid very hard years ago when I had far more free time to find deer). I focus on hunting the pre-rut, rut and late season after firearms. In all my years of bowhunting I've had only a few close encounters with a mature buck early...even when I have watched one from afar.

    If it is unusally cool I may DVR this game and head out, but mostly to check a couple stands and look around. I won't get serious for another 3 weeks.
  14. Deehntr56

    Deehntr56 Staff Member Mod

    LOL-Just saw this.:rolleyes::D

    With hunting in Kansas the week of the 17th-I beat you all to it!:p;)

    I was in a stand on the 29th-would have it no other way and with smart phones in today's arsenal, we have all the bases covered-well most of them:coolgleamA:
  15. I was in the stand but my iPhone was monitoring the OSU/MSU game.