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Deer Season Date Change Proposal

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Has anyone else seen this

Second to last section, it talks about moving gun opener to the Friday after thanksgiving? This is the first i have heard of any possible changes.
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Yes, I am fortunate in that respect, however, I've worked 12 hour swing shift, 2 weeks of days and 2 weeks of nights for 29 years now, so I've accumulated 13.5 weeks of vacation per year.
BTW, the only holiday I get off is Christmas eve and Christmas day.
It is complete BS the Ohio deer gun season does not open on a weekend or at least a day most people are off. Just about every other major season does now including turkey. I would be ok with the friday opener. My place of employment does not allow people to take off the day before/after a holiday break. I can't imagine I am the only person effected by this. It's sad those of us in this situation can't experience a deer gun opener until we retire. Complete BS and needs to change. I understand the state will never be able to accommodate everyone, but they should try to accommodate the majority. Most people have weekends off to some capacity.
The majority of the people didn’t want it to start the Saturday after Thanksgiving. People said it was too close to the holiday. People are with their families for the holiday. They thought about changing it and got quite a bit of push back on the change.
If that law were to pass, I would provided signed permission for them to keep on file, allowing access to investigate any wildlife violations. I don't want any obstacles to the arrest or prosecution of poachers, trespassers or vandals on my land.
You can do that now if you choose. Once you give away your rights you will never get them back.
You can do that now if you choose. Once you give away your rights you will never get them back.
I don't need to do that now. They currently have the ability to enter private property without a warrant. If it isn't broke, don't fix it.
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They have ruined and put all gun seasons in decline with the open to the public and all season long crossbow use period, take a look back to when crossbows were used by handicapped, i am not saying to not use them, but something needs to be changed, handicap all season is ok, open public all season is not, correct this and gun seasons will return to normal PERIOD.
It's been pretty well established that your cancerous views of crossbows cloud your thinking.
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