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Deer Creek Gun Range

Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Firearms' started by Worm Queen, Dec 20, 2002.

  1. Just an FYI...We received word today that the gun range will now be closed until the first of March. It is normally closed during January and February, but has closed early this year due to the construction of shelter over the shooting benches. It should be pretty nifty for next season!
  2. Worm Queen

    Hey glad to see you over here. Thanks for the info. Hey is anything biting down that way right now?

  3. Hey Z...

    Thanks! Good to see you too! Yep, tis the season for saugeye down here, and have seen some dandy's brought in. Several have even been FishOhio caliber!
  4. Glad to hear about the improvements. I have only used it once (while camping at the State Park), but it was pretty nice then.
  5. Tomorrow

    If everything holds out Ill be down at the bait shop with a couple other members just to say hi... I hear that all their pictures are on the wall except mine. Whats the deal with that lol :) Hopefully Ill have a nice fish to take a picture of me with lol.
  6. Good news....I have baked on those benchs too many weekends. Glad to see them covered.
  7. Sounds like a winner, the overhead cover will probably help rifle barrels to cool down quicker as well, I was down there a few weeks ago and still chuckle when I see signs of groundhogs taking up residence on the rifle range:D it would seem that the property value for groundhogs in that nieghborhood would be at a all time low;)
  8. I have shot there a few times and would reccomend it to anyone, sounds like it is going to be even better now.
  9. I heard they were gonna dig out the down range area to get all the ammo out? The shelter will be nice. It's great to see something productive done with our license money, since so much of it we can't see.
    I remember shoot clays there, groundhog just up and ran right across in front of us......I thought everyone would open fire!
  10. Haven't heard anything about that..

    but I suppose anything is possible! I have heard talk however, of hiring one of those groundhogs as rangemaster...heaven knows they are plentiful down there! :D
  11. Yeah, they are going to use them to retrieve targets and place new ones......and if they screw it up........
  12. Where is this place and do they hold matches? If so what kind? I shoot benchrest and am always looking for a match close by.
  13. It's the state controlled shooting range at Deer Creek State Park. There are only a few of them in Ohio. To the best of my knowledge, they do not hold matches right at the range. There is also an archery range nearby. I know once in a while they do have archery tournaments at the lodge there, but don't recall anything with guns. For more info on Deer Creek Park, their web address is
  14. If I remember right, they have a 25' pistol range, a 50 yard and 100 yard long gun range. Along with the area where you can shoot clays. It's a pretty clean area.