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Deer camp Zaleski

Discussion in 'Deer Camp Talk' started by Hoytme2, Dec 17, 2002.

  1. Anyone one here from the deer camp boys at zaleski
  2. They got kicked off of the bowsite, so now they are here waiting to have more fun.

  3. im BACK

    hey fellows ol NO NOODLE is here and ready for more fun:
  4. Hello

    I am alive and well. Been a hard battle with those Bowsite boys. Everyone checking in??
  5. welcome wick

    hey nice to see your still around was kinda all we need is CARIBOU and SpITFIRE and the gang will all be here.oops forgot DEAR HUNTER too
  6. Steve

    Steve Staff Member Admin Mod

    I'm not quite sure what this is all about. I saw vague references to this on the bowsite. I will make this clear now:

    The Ground Rules
    Ok, due to the lack of civility, rude and sometimes racial posts, I've had another moderator threaten to resign.

    1. Rudeness to other members and especially sponsors will not be tolerated. Difference of opinion is fine and is to be expected but out-right nasty rude exchange will not be tolerated and don't be surprized when they are promptly deleted.

    2. Any post that has racial overtones will be promptly deleted and that user who made it considered for removal. Frankly this should go without saying but it seems that I need to. I am as upset as anyone over what happened on Sept 11 and fully support what our government is doing but derrogatory terms for people from that area of the world will not be tolerated. I hunt and fish with some people of that race and and friends with many of them.

    3. As editor of this site I maintain control over what goes up on it (as much as possible anyway). I will continue to exercise this control. Call it censorship if you must, but if it is neccessary it will be done. I am not going to have this site degrade into a bunch of people talking to "Yee-Haw" on my forums.

    4.I will not have posts on this site which degrade hunters by using crude English or other impersonations of slob hunters. If that's what you've come here for, turn around right now because I will ban people faster than the Bowsite did, and it's much easier for me to do so.
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2002
  7. hey no problem STEVE.we are just a bunch of bowhunters from different parts of ohio that like to share our interest in bow huntin whitetail deer.
  8. Steve

    Steve Staff Member Admin Mod

    Anybody want to fill me in as to why the group was kicked of the bowsite?
  9. Well. It was fun while it lasted. I won't give this site anymore clicks either. I remember a day when hunting buddies can exchange ideas and have fun but I guess those days are gone forever!
  10. Steve

    Steve Staff Member Admin Mod

    Those days are not over here. I'm just trying to get past the hearsay on the bowsite and figure out what happened there. Everyone is welcome here provided they follow a few simple rules of civility and conduct.
  11. you dont have to worry about the deer camp boys,they did nothin wrong on bowsite but talk alot.there were other people on the bowsite that were the problem, not the deer camp boys.i aint here to start no arguments just talk to some good ole bpwhuntin boys!!!
  12. Dear Mr. Editor,

    Please don't be worried about us. We are a bunch of guys that share a common interest and that's Deercamp at Zaleski State Forest. Our two groups met on the bowsite through a post that was created by Wickohio about a deercamp openning at Zaleski. Longer story short, we started conversing about merging the two deercamps, but it didn't happen this year. Eventually, we realized that we had met some friends through that site and began conversing quite a bit regarding our hunting experiences and questions that we had about bowhunting deer. I can't say that all threads that were posted on the topic were directly related to the topic and sometimes left people with a bad view, but we now understand that we need to be careful of what is said. Any way you want to look at it is fine, but the bottom line is that we are buddies who all have wives and children who come together through sites like this to "let loose" a little from the everyday grind. Hopefully you can accept us with no preconcieved ideas and we can continue to learned together through your site as a group of people with common interest. I will try to promote the site to bowhunters in NW Ohio and encourage them to register here so that they too can learn through your sites forums.

    in good sports,

    rjolenic (ithoyt's)
  13. Steve

    Steve Staff Member Admin Mod

    Then that is fine. That's what this site is here for.... to talk a lot. Post away gentlemen. I can't imagine why anyone would discourage this.
  14. Like I said Steve, not everything we wrote was in good taste. However, not everything on the rest of the threads at BOWSITE is either. Frankly, I began to become a little irritated by the all of the conflict there. Honestly, two reasons we may have been "kicked off". 1. Mention of drinking beer with our post, which we won't do anymore AND 2. We hit that post 1100 times over the course of three months. Maybe it was too much for them to handle.

    Oh by the way don't take the beer talk the wrong way, we only take part in that AFTER the hunt, while reflecting on what took place during the hunt around the campfire. Again, we are just a bunch of guys that want to share our hunting experiences with each other, and also with others that want to be involved with this topic. :)


    rjolenic (ithoyt's)
  15. Deer Camp Boys heh??? Sounds like an opening act for Ted Nugent.

  16. Well heydeerman, with the way rjolenic and HOYTME2 play their guitars at deercamp, you never know what might happen. We have a lot of fun with it.
  17. oh gosh ithoyts not the guitar thing again. thats how he got his name IT HOYTS.just kiddin.hope this sheds some light on the deer camp boys. like ithoyts said we are just a bunch of hunters havin a little fun.we are all married and dont want young hunters to get the wrong impression about huntin.
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